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Drama though the ages.

Are you budding drama queen? A star in the making? A drama lover? Then we have the thing for you, it’s the annual dramatic arts festival. Travel with us as we explore and enjoy an unforgettable experience and interesting insight into the wacky and wonderful world that is drama.

Join us and the acting committee, on the 24-25 May for a once a life time experience with chances to interact with famous stars including Orlando Bloom, Helena Marine, Jodie Foster and for the kids many HSM stars. While be among the stars making special appearances at the annual world famous Pedal performing arts festival.

In the Festival there are going to be stalls and small ...view middle of the document...

Euripides finish is off for us, by who introduced the introduction at the beginning of the play which is also known as the Prologue where the background of the story is explained.. So weather is just the memorable shows and great day out, you can learn loads from small influences devolved the drama as we know it today.

Such shows will be show ever 4 hours at the main theatre’s either Greek or more advanced theatres such as the globe designed for the Elizabethan age, by William Shakespeare. You choice which 1 that you want to watch, bust just remember what ever one you don’t pick you will miss out on a astounding musical, Overwhelming tragedy, or striking soaps. You will be spoilt for choice where ever you walk in the most impressive, eye-opening festival you will ever attend.

Henry VIII, ever wonder what he did as king? Well maybe not of good as king but Henry himself loved watching plays, around his period usually religious, which could be performed almost anywhere in the back of carts in the middle of towns, so don’t be surprised if you see many of these enjoyable little acts. Due to Henrys alive social and love life changed this era of drama just because Henry couldn’t have his way...

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