Drama On Lorraine Hansberry's “A Raisin In The Sun”

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Leticia South
Professor Karen Golightly
English 102
06 December 2015

Lorraine Hansberry's “A Raisin in the Sun”

Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun is set sometime in the 1940’s to 1950’s. They are living somewhere in the Southside of Chicago. The Younger family lives in this tiny apartment, with five people living in it so space is really limited. This is a two-bedroom apartment, the first room is shared with Mama and Beneatha and the second is Ruth and Walter Lee room which leaves Travis on the couch. This apartment and amenities are shared between two families. Most of the settings in the apartment takes place in the living room. This place is so small there is always some kind of problems between someone. Especially when Ruth finds out she pregnant and there is really room for another person. Mama ...view middle of the document...

Walter Lee Younger is married to Ruth and his son name is Travis and I his sister is Beneatha. When he found out his mom was getting money he wants to open a business, which he thinks he will become a better person if he has that business. Beneatha Younger is the youngest and she is in college planning to become a doctor. Since she was the only person in the family to go to school, she knows everything. Ruth Younger is Walter wife and Travis mother she is the mediator of the family she doesn’t do or say much. Then Travis Younger is the child of Walter and Ruth he the kid that antagonize everyone against each other. Mr. Lindner is the spokesman for the Clybourne Park which their new house is located in. Linder is sent to make sure the Youngers don’t move into the white neighborhood, but offering them money.

There are different things in the play that has symbolism; First its about how horrible the conditions are where they are living to include the roaches and the cracking walls. This play has the most obvious symbol, the plant that Mama got. “Lord, if this little old plant don’t get more sun than it’s been getting it ain’t never going to see spring again.” (S1 pg 930) because its on its last leg of life. Mama is focus so much on this plant and makes sure to take care of it everyday so maybe one day it will a strong plant. This sounds just like Mama in this play. “They spirited all right, my children. Got to admit they got spirit—Bennie and Walter. Like this little old plant that ain’t never had enough sunshine or nothing—and look at it . .”(S1 pg 938). In Scene two Ruth asked Mama” Is there—is there a whole lot of sunlight” Mama says “Yes, child, there’s a whole lot of sunlight.” Which sunlight can mean there is new life and hope in this new home.

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