Dramatic Monologue In The Invisible Man

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Dramatic Monologue in Invisible Man
Style, tone and imagery are essential elements in a speech that an orator must use to evoke powerful emotions in an audience. Speeches must be molded meticulously to achieve the desired effect in a crowd. In Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, there are a multitude of speeches that are given by professional and non-professional speakers. Their compositions differ in various aspects, and their outcome is ultimately affected as a result. The narrator of this novel consistently uses style, tone, and imagery, all to enhance the effect felt by the crowd. Through his use of these various elements, the narrator encapsulates the essence of his speech’s content; ...view middle of the document...

Instead of using isolating pronouns such as “me and you” the narrator aligns himself with the crowd, creating a bond that allows the audience to trust and believe what the narrator is saying. By including himself and the crowd in the problem, he shows that only together can they escape the harsh realities of the societal issues that are rampant within Harlem. Furthermore, the narrator often refers to those who cause the segregation as “them” or “he”. The narrator blames the problem on the extrinsic environment, giving the audience something to rally against.
Additionally, the narrator’s tone provides a powerful medium through which the narrator expresses his ideas. The brotherhood initially gave the narrator a calculated speech that the narrator was originally going to use, however, by emancipating himself from the ideas of the Brotherhood, the narrator is truly able to portray his ideas to the audience, thus leading to a more genuine speech. The narrator is often very loud and feverous when it concerns his ideas regarding segregation in Harlem. This allows him to show the audience that what he has to say is true. Furthermore, the narrator’s tone is evident in the way he “laughed and bowed my head now unashamed” (347). His tone is sincere and ultimately human. This establishes a...

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