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Dramatic Structure Essay

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“Dramatic Structure” ENG 125 Dramatic structure is seen in all of literature. Most people don’t know that it is also seen in advertisements, mostly television commercials. The majority of them follow the same pattern of the protagonist reaching their final fate. Whether the protagonist ends up with a tragic or comic ending, just like in any form of literature. Both of these forms are unique and very important. Dramatic structure means how the work is put together. Almost all-literary, dramatic and cinematic works have the same basic form, though there are several ways of looking at the form. One simpler way of describing it is order, chaos, order restored. There is order in the ...view middle of the document...

The third irony is cosmic. Cosmic irony is when some unknown force brings about dire and dreadful events. Two more important terms are protagonist and deus ex machina. A protagonist is considered to be the main character. The protagonist may also be the considered the hero of the piece. Deus ex machina is when someone or something enters the action and changes the protagonist’s fortune. In the original commercial, one of the first things noticed would be that the character with the frog is the protagonist. This is made obvious by her becoming the main focal point of the commercial. This then turns the commercial into a fairy tale. The protagonist experiences hamartia. This happens when she puts the frog back down on the table. Then deus ex machina occurs when Jones freezes the commercial and gives the protagonist a camera phone. Then we realize once the frog is sent to the auction house that it is worth money before she does which is dramatic irony. The commercial then turns out to be a comic one. In the rewrite of it everything is exactly the same right up until the end. The protagonist becomes so overwhelmed with greed that she ends up dropping the frog. This is both peripethia and hubris. Even though there was deus ex machina, it still turned out to be a tragic commercial. Intertexuality in basic is the relationship of one story to another. It can be seen when someone is telling a story and some butts in and states that it reminds him or her of something they know. Or it can be used to prove a point from an opposite point of view. Intertextuality can be seen in any form of text, such as bumper stickers. It is also often seen in parodies or satires of other texts. Intertextuallity most often occurs when we as the audience/readers when we something in the text or something that we are seeing make us think of something else. When we choose to focus on intertextuality, what we interpret is no longer viewed as a single object but as relations between and among texts and visual concepts. Each visual concept exists in relation to others. Texts are framed by other texts and are constructed more by their intertextuality than by their authors. A TV show for example is not only related to other TV shows of its genre but to all TV shows, to commercials, to current political events, to films, to academic discourse, ad infinitum. All potentially can and do influence each other. The concept of intertextuality can be seen in the second version of the commercial quite clearly. Even though it is a small change, by keeping the whole beginning of the story the same and changing just one part of it, it plays off the first but changing what happens in the end. It is basically...

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