Dreadful Success Of H&M Essay

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Clothing is necessary in society, especially in this time frame that we are living in. this is where the popular clothing brand H&M comes in. since Erling Persson acknowledges that the society is dependant and are up to date with the latest fashion trends and he has took upon himself to develop clothing to make the consumers a victim of “vanity slaves” Hennes & Mauritz which has been known H&M for decades is a very popular retail clothing company known for its trendy fashions targeted for women, men, teenagers and children. The company's founder Erling Persson traveled in 1946 and came up with the business idea which was to offer fashionable clothing at great prices. In 1947 he opened his ...view middle of the document...

These individuals are forced to work in a dangerous building for nothing. Twenty-six workers died while designing H&M garments in an old abandoned building which collapsed. Over one thousand workers died when a building later on decided to collapse in Bangladesh. You would’ve have thought that the company would do reconstruct the building workers are in when a one has already collapsed The only thing CEO Karl-John Persson said about the situation was “The factory collapse was horrific , you can never be 100% sure incidents happen in Sweden too” .His statement left many speechless, a lot called him heartless. Through it all H&M continues to pay these individuals forty dollars a month, which is the total cost of one sweater which these individuals make thousands of monthly. There is child labor, beaten are being beaten and cheated of their wages. Female are being sexually harassed in the sweatshops as male supervisors would constantly young women to have sex with them.
With all the worldwide criticism about H&M Beyonce and Lana Del Ray continue to sign millon dollar deals with the dreadful company. The two...

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