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Dreams Of Home Ownership Essay

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From the beginning of our existence, we as people are taught that life is about the pursuit of
happiness, (go to school and graduate from college with a great career, fall in love, get married,
buy a house, raise a family, and live happily ever after). This is considered to be the American
On the road to happiness, the average American dream can turn into a nightmare when it
comes to buying a home, whether you are a first time home buyer or venturing into buying your
second or third home, purchasing a home can be a challenge. Some people think buying a home
is like an easy walk in the park, do not be fooled. The keys to becoming a home owner are to be
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If this will be
your first time reading a credit report, don’t worry, these sites contain helpful how-to instructions
that will help you read and understand your credit score, instructions on how to contact your
creditors and dispute claims, and inform you of your legal rights regarding your credit. Also,
be aware that there are many web sites out there that will help you obtain and repair your credit
( or type in the key words credit repair at,
but home buyer; please be aware that that repairing and re-establishing your credit will not
happen overnight, it will take time like fine wine.

Once your credit is in home buying condition, which means a credit grade of “B” or higher
(each individual lender will have a different grade requirement in order to qualify for a loan),
your next step towards owning a home is to shop for a mortgage. This is an important step
before physically looking for a house because it will tell you how much you can borrow and
afford. Getting a pre-approved for a home loan also saves time and worries.

After being pre-approved for a home loan, start shopping for a house in your...

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