Dress Codes And Uniforms Are Not Needed In The Schools

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Are dress codes and uniforms needed or not? Some parents, teachers, and school boards think that by telling kids what to wear will improve behavior, safety, and will make them into better adults ready for the work life. Some even say it makes bullying less of a problem. What makes people think by telling kids what to wear will make any type of improvement? Dress codes and uniforms are not needed in the school systems because it is against the First Amendment, does not stop bullying, and takes away some qualities employers look for in the people they hire.
Dress codes and uniforms go against the Frist Amendment and take away students constitutional rights. During the Tinker v. Des Moines ...view middle of the document...

We did not publish the data separately for types of school because there were no differences.” (Jeffords). This shows how little of impact dress codes and uniforms have on bullying. Bullies can find other ways to bully others. They can say who has the best iPod, or who went on the biggest vacation (Jeffords). If schools really want to help with bulling, uniforms and dress codes is not the solution. Bullies could start saying who looks betting the uniform. What will the schools do with that problem? Tony Volk, an associate professor Brock University, says this about schools that think dress codes and uniforms will help kid’s better people, “Some people have the mistaken belief that it is associated with more discipline, when it really is not. Putting on a set of clothes does not change a child.” (Jeffords). Tony is saying that all the belief of how dress codes and mandatory uniforms will make students behave better, end bullying, and improve grades is not true. Clothes are just clothes they do have anything to do with how people act.
Dress codes and uniforms make qualities employers do not look for in the people they hire. Some employers do not care how their employees dress. What really matters to is how they work (Key). Dress codes and uniforms are teaching students that their work life is going to involve someone telling them what to wear, and how to wear it, but really all they care about is how they work. Employers also look for workers that are creative and critical thinkers, make good decision, and are an effective problem solver. Dress codes and uniforms take away of decrease these abilities (Key). With school uniform and dress codes students are limited on the amount...

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