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Dress Rehearsal For Success Essay

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Dress Rehearsal for Success
Growing up and performing well in school is often one of the more important responsibilities in our lives, with an emphasis on getting an education to be able to advance to our future careers. In order to stress the importance of focus in the classroom to all students, discipline must be enforced in all schools. Most students going to K- 12th grade public schools have the choice to dress to express themselves and practice their First Amendment rights as an American citizens, but however, what if that gets in the way of their education?There are opposing views as to whether or not a school policy, which promotes a uniform code, restricts students’ of ...view middle of the document...

The district has substantial poverty – 59% of students qualified for free or reduced-price lunch in 2006–2007.” (Elisabetta Gentile and Scott Imberman 2012)
This University of Houston study was conducted on a poverty stricken area, however, school uniforms would have the same positive results in any public school. Gentile and Imberman’s research concluded that school uniforms had an influence on raising test scores to and improved attendance. “It is intriguing to see whether the improvements found in attendance rates spill over into achievement... early adoption of uniforms has a major positive effect on test scores.”(Elisabetta Gentile and Scott Imberman 2012) This study clearly supports the idea that wearing uniforms truly dresses you for success. Wearing uniforms champions order, implements discipline, and enforces students to focus their efforts towards academics.
Certain opinions that are proactively against uniforms post the argument stated by Barbara Cruz; “students can not express themselves,” (Barbara C. Cruz. 2012) School should be able to direct your attention to academics, but the public school system does not dictate what students choose to do in order to express themselves out of school; that is the students’ choice. Clothing modifies your mood and it also defines your “work” and “play” attire. In my experience out of the nine schools I have attended, two of them required uniforms and looking back, they focused my attention towards my academics and directly made me feel more accountable for my grades. Schools are intended to complete their main objective; which is to promote education. If uniforms aid public schooling toward completing their mission, why condemn them?
Uniforms establish a common ground leaving less opportunity for cruel judgments. They help unify the student body and aid in making everyone equal in regards to their apparel. In addition, uniforms are influential in mitigating bullying based on trendy fashions and social class. Let us be honest, teenagers are brutal to kids who are not well dressed because they have low incomes and are not fashionable. Although socioeconomic class can’t always be “read” based on clothing, uniforms eliminate a major factor of bullying that affect many students across the nation. It is extremely important for kids to be equal; this doesn’t quite mean you have no individuality, but families that have kids with lower incomes are equal to other students with a higher income. Often others on the opposing side of uniforms propose the point: “It’s a financial burden for poor families” ( Barbara C. Cruz. 2001). Myself coming from a single parent home and having a sister, we often had trouble with our finances. When we attended schools that required uniforms, there were programs that supplied uniforms for the both of us at very low costs. In the Hartford district they implemented the same program that help students that come from lower income families and many other parents are...

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