Dressing For Success Essay

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Dressing for Success

Prof. Marie Hermann
October 11, 2009

“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities, they vary in their desires to reach their potentials.” (John Maxell). Over the many years, the clothing that an individual wears has continued to tell a vast amount about their character. From an individual that wears loose trousers, to an individual that wears tight blouses, the attire a person wears ultimately shapes their identity, impacts the perceptions of others that may have about them, and the individual’s professional goals in a business (Bruce). However, the one variable that ...view middle of the document...

For males, wearing a well ironed suit matched with a button-down long sleeve shirt, polished dress shoes, and a tie that is not too flamboyant is an ideal look to have during an interview (Bruce). In addition for ladies, wearing a well ironed pants suit (trousers not too tight); with a camisole under the jacket, and polished dressed shoes is an ideal look. Also ladies can wear a business dress that is not too flashy paired with professional pumps is also another acceptable apparel for an interview.
Importance of the Appearance for the Interview
The constant question that seems to be asked is whether or not dressing appropriately truly matters in the interviewing process? Whether it is for a fortune 500 company or a construction company, it actually does matter in many cases. One obvious reason why dressing appropriately is important is because it shows how serious you are for the position as appearances are apart of first impressions. If you can impress with the appearance aspect, then you are already in a favorable position of obtaining the job position. Now, here are some the reasons or benefits as to why you should dress for success:
• Having a start over a real challenge
• Dressing for Success is about self-esteem and hope
• Success gives individuals dressing for both professional and personal levels, and it gives one the tool involves to live independently
• It enhance positive qualities that one possesses
• It encourages one to walk proudly to an interview

Women’s Interview Attire
Women’s attire has gone through several transformations as to what is acceptable attire then, to what is appropriate today. Given this concept, women are encouraged to wear the...

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