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Drinking And Driving Teen Facts! Essay

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Use of alcohol and other drugs is associated with the leading causes of death and injury among teenagers and young adults. Nationally, nearly 8,800 drinking drivers died in crashes, which killed a total of more than 16,600 people in 2000. Over 2,300 of those drivers were between the ages of 16 and 24. Nationally 26% of all male drivers age 15-20 had been drinking prior to their involvement in a fatal crash. For females, the corresponding figure was 13%. Youth drinking and driving in the United States decreased spectacularly in the past two decades. For example the number of drinking drivers under the age of 21 in fatal crash dropped 61%, from 4,393 in 1982 to 1,714 in 1998. ...view middle of the document...

Most of the decrease took place between 1982 and 1992. Youth drinking also decreased from 1982 to 1998, but not as much as youth drinking and driving. During 1999 traffic citations issued to 16-year-old drivers declined 20%. Sixteen-year-old drivers were involved in 5,040 crashes in 2000, down 1,166 or nearly 20% from the 1998 total of 6,206.Drinking and driving has become less socially acceptable among youth, as measured by high school senior student attitudes reported by Monitoring the Future and by the use and acceptance of designated drivers by college students. Some factors that may have contributed to the decline in both impaired driving and total alcohol-related traffic fatalities among young people include prompt license suspension for people who driven while impaired. This has increased the minimum drinking age and the initiation of public education, community awareness and media campaigns about the dangers of alcohol-involved driving. Still today 16-24 year olds remain the single largest age group regarding drinking drivers in fatal crashes. All of my research came from index.php?FactsheetID=7,, and Chapter nine: Just the facts in acrobat reader."The Toll of Underage Drinking." The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth 2002. America Online.November 23 2002. Path: DUI deaths of 15-20 year olds."Did you who." Stats 2000 - Youth Statistics. America Online. November 23 2002.Path: DUI deaths of 15-20 year olds."Just the facts" Acrobat reader. November 23, 2002. Path: DUI deaths of 15-20 year olds.

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