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Drivers Of The Raod Essay

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Amanda Duncan
Professor Cory
Engl. 0933
4 March 2015

“Drivers of the road”

We are all dangerous drivers. We have an abundance of drivers who have no respect for the law and other motorists. We have encountered these drivers most often in day to day life; we can go back and forth on who the better drivers are; Older? Younger? Women? Men? But do we really know? Firstly from time to time you’ll hear one of your elders speak on how experienced they are and how much they know compared to their younger generation. From what i’ve seen personally is that we all think we are unconquerable whether we are young or old. Are we all as good of drivers as we say? Or are we all just as bad as the ...view middle of the document...

The motorways are so much different now than they used to be 40 years ago; we have faster speed limits, different road signs, and faster cars. We can always deal with going 20 below the posted speed limit, but do we all really not get upset? Do we all not think about what we could do if we could get around them, I know I do. I found in research, though that older generation drivers are rarely ticketed because of the cautious nature in which they drive. It goes to show even if they drive slow maturity and additional years of driving can be a positive difference.

Young drivers; we all dread being near them just as much as elderly ones. That Sophomore and Junior year they start the learning process and get on the roads, the only positive bit about them is that they have provisional drivers licenses till they’re 18. Restrictions and guidelines that are supposed to help other drivers around them; but we are finding more and more kids are breaking the law and not following these restrictions. These kids; young drivers believe they’re invincible and can do no wrong on the roads. Younger drivers believe they finally have that taste of freedom, and they’re the “King” of the road. Driving is awesome at 16 and being alone in the car finally, but do they really know the...

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