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Driving 101 In New Zealand Essay

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I remembered my own driving experiences. Being one of four girls, we werent encouraged to drive. It wasnt until I was an old maid of 28 that I gained my licence. My first car was called Petal and she was a bright orange Morris 1300. I loved my little land crab. My first driving lessons were with a driving instructor whose car had duel steering wheels. I felt pretty safe with him. There was the one time though that he made me go down a hill and I lost control. At least he had good insurance when I dinged his car Other lessons were with my fianc mainly on the open road and around town. I only EVER had one drive with my father. I can still remember him sitting bolt upright in the ...view middle of the document...

And I didnt have to ask twice, not normal for this teenager Despite all the cleaning however, one spider seems resistant to being re-homed, but this gives the car a certain old world charm. And then it happened my son gained his learner licence. It was now up to me to step up to the mark and be his driving instructor. I couldnt put it off any longer. His friends were all starting to drive so I had to put on my BIG GIRL PANTS. The day of the first driving lesson loomed. I would pick him up from school and drive to out to Mosgiel, a nearby town thinking that the flat Taieri plans would be an excellent place to start. I could sense his excitement and nervousness. Now he would be able to put all his driving observations to the test and drive on the road himself. His little brother was in the back seat looking more excited than worried. That was a bonus We swapped seats. He put his seatbelt on, adjusting the seat position to accommodate his lanky legs. The car was already in first gear but he moved the lever from first to neutral a few times like some sort of pre-start ritual. The key was turned and little Kelsey burst into life. He indicated right and after a couple of bunny hops we were off to a shaky start. As Cameron eased out along the road he changed to second and this met with another bunny hop. This was going to be an interesting time I thought. The lesson continued fairly smoothly barring the jarring, until a warm rubber smell wafted into the open windows and we decided to pull over to investigate it in an industrial area. A grey haze was spilling out of the back tyres and it was then we realised the handbrake had been on for the entire time. Oops The guys at a nearby workshop advised that the best way to cool the brakes was to take the car for a ride on the open road. So off down the road we totted with me at the wheel for the next 15 minutes. It was then time for Cameron to take control of the car again and he decided to drive home via Three Mile Hill. I thought that was very brave of him.....considering. He managed very well and kept to a very respectable 40-45 kph his yellow Learner Plates beaming brightly like a Badge of Honour, giving him immunity to be a little slower, a little more careful on the road. Over the past few months, Cameron, Kelsey and I have spent many hours together. We have cruised up and down dale, the streets between Mosgiel and Sawyers Bay, South Dunedin and Brockville. At first I wondered where my patience came from for I can be quite impatient at the best of times. However, for the most part I have been the steady rock that a driving instructor should be and my son, the willing and co-operative student. ...

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