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Driving Age Essay

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All on one after school drive, the radio is blasting, phones are endlessly ringing and vibrating, and four teenagers are eagerly and distractingly chatting about whatever life or death situation occurred in between sixth and seventh period that day. This normally would not be a problem, for an experienced driver capable of blocking out distractions with the necessary focus skills needed that only time and practice can perfect. Yet, with an inattentive 16 year old who recently received their license behind the wheel, the lives of all four teenagers become more at risk with every inch traveled down the pavement by that car. Statistics have shown one of every five 16-year-olds will be in a ...view middle of the document...

This also effects a teenager’s ability to handle a car without allowing the intense “hot’s and cold’s of emotion” brought on by that days events, making teenagers more prone to road rage than most other age groups. At 18, a human is more capable of controlling impulses, and emotions. Sadly, another contributor to the increase in teen deaths on the road is the heightened use of technology in the car. A voluntary survey done by Edgar Snyder Law Firm of teens and technology revealed 52% of 16- and 17-year-old teen drivers admit to using, answering, and making cell phone calls on the road. 34% admit to text messaging while driving a vehicle. This survey was answered voluntarily, so the actual percentages may be much higher. This crucial element in driving has been recognized in countries all across the globe like France, Germany, Australia, and Denmark, who don’t allow legal licensing until the age of 18- so why is this concept so hard for American legislators and law makers to grasp? For Maryland state legislator Adrienne Mandel, this concept is what she has been fighting other delegates on since 1997. On the topic, Mandel says "Other delegates said, 'What are you doing? You're going to make me drive my kid to the movies on Friday night for another six months?' This got me really thinking. Parents are talking about inconvenience, and I'm talking about saving lives."

However, to our country 16 years old is a milestone, just like 10, 13, and 18. On this day teens don’t get the right to vote, or be seen as an adult by American society- but that day the DMV...

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