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Drug Abuse Essay

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Substance abuse refers to the pattern of continued use, despite adverse consequence. Socio-cultural determinants of substance abuse of substance use imply to social factors that affect the outcome of drug abuse. The group characteristic determines social cultural determinants, and the general beliefs in history of the set community. For instance, smoking was considered fashionable in the early times. Currently, it is prohibited in some communities. The alienations of individuals in new environment trigger people to abuse drugs.
Emerging adulthood has been a significant contributor to drug abuse widespread. The youths gain freedom during the ...view middle of the document...

al, 2006).
“Indirect costs in this case refer to lost productivity in the workplace or at home resulting in whole or in part from the abuse of substance.” (J Rehm et. al, 2006).People get injured and become ill triggered by substance abuse being unable to work. Individuals who could have highly contributed to the economy become inactive hence level of economic growth is reduced. An individual in certain profession may die as a result of substance abuse. There is an interval of period before he or she is replaced.
Physical cost related to substance abuse vary depending on type of drug. The body system is seriously affected, for instance; the brain is affected by addiction. Substance addiction, makes changes, and this affects the body system. Physical cost is closely related to psychological cost. Drug addiction leads to psychological harm as well as changing one’s social skills.
Addiction to drug and substance use is linked to the crimes and accidents. According to (NCADD, 2014) ,“Drugs is often related to murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny/theft, serious motor vehicle offenses with dangerous consequences, arson and hate crimes.” The drug addicted people are likely to commit suicide when they have done any crime that may lead them to jail and due to lack of mental judgment.
Interpersonal relationships refer to how different people interact. There are various types of these relationships for instance family and professional relationship. Substance abuse leads to physical violence, traumatization of children and neglect in family as well as verbal assaults in different environments, places of work (Alcohol, 2015).
The dynamics of addiction involve the likelihood to influence others to be addicted; there is gradual obsession with addiction substance (Psychcentral, 2007). The damaging associated with job and romantic relationship. There is great significant to involve the addicted person with new addictive behavior. Many promises to quit addiction that is usually followed by distress and relapses.
Denial is involved when individual does not admit the fact hence acting in a way to show that even if painful occasion happened did not exist. People employ refusal in their...

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