Drug Across The Border Essay

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Drug Trafficking At The US/Mexican Border
Adrian Bryant
ENG 122
Terri Hennessey
August 29, 2011

Sections along the border between the United States and Mexico have become so dangerous, due to drug trafficking, that both governments appear to be helpless in their cause to defend themselves against the movement of drugs and the violence that this movement has caused. Mexico's President Felipe Calderon's actions are being ...view middle of the document...

In Ciudad Juarez, a border town across from El Paso, Texas, poor women working in the Mexican factories owned by foreign company, are targets of robbery, kidnapping and murder (Field, 2011).
It is because of the danger associated with the drug cartel that ordinary citizen fear for their lives and or afraid to go into areas that are known to be controlled by the cartel. People who are already struggling to make ends meet should not be afraid of just going into work.
Drug cartels appear to be in control and there is very little that the government can do to stop these occurrences.
One of Mexico largest and most know drug cartel are called the Zetas. The Zetas are known for kidnapping, beheading and dismembering rivals, soldiers, police and civilians; and are at war with, and within America's borders. The Washington Times reported that the Zetas now have a coast to coast, U.S. foothold with alliances throughout the United States. They originated from rough Mexican anti-drug commandos. Their arsenal includes helicopters, armored vehicles, shoulder-fired missiles, plastic explosives and Afghanistan-style roadside bombs.
That makes the Zetas more than a mere drug gang but an especially brutal terrorist organization that increasingly kills American, not just Mexican citizens or law enforcers. The Zetas increasingly operate on U.S. soil. Putting the Zetas and five other Mexican cartels on the Foreign Terrorist Organization list, as proposed by U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, would be a small step in the right direction. What is needed are efforts equal to the actions of the cartel. (Anonymous, Tribune, 2011).
When drug gangs freely and openly commit horrendous crimes against ordinary citizens, police, rivals gangs, and the military. There appears to be no stopping a force so bold and determined. Their control bleeds across the border onto U.S. soil and its citizens.
They have become so organized that they or more than just gangs, they are now called cartel's.
The name itself implies leadership. The cartel is an organization that rules by intimidation with complete disregard to anyone. Also, when it appears that a country as powerful as the United States of American cannot put a stop to their activities, this only solidify the cartel's foothold on both countries.
Tourism is Mexico third largest source of revenue. Overall, the number of international visitors has fallen 13 per cent to 79.8 million last year, and from 91.5 million in 2008, according to Banco de Mexico. The trend isn't looking any better this year: In January, 2011, 3.8 million day trippers crossed the U.S. border into Mexico, down 16 per cent from the same month last year. Crime is on the...

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