Drug And Alcohol Abuse Essay

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Drugs and Alcohol Substance Abuse

What is substance abuse and addiction?
Substance abuse is a pattern of use of drugs and/or alcohol for non-medical purposes for altering the mood, mind, and behavior. This is a serious problem and people that abuse drugs and/or alcohol can get sick, destroy their lives and the lives of family and friends. Death has resulted from substance abuse. Commonly abused is alcohol, prescription or over the counter drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine, depressants, inhalants, marijuana, narcotics, and even tobacco. Substance abuse can occur in all ages, social statuses and races.
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Treatment, Impact and Initial Assessments
Treatment can have a major and positive impact on this issue of substance abuse. The client deserves to have the best treatment possible and shown dignity and respect. The client needs the effective tools to facilitate healing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Treatment is necessary in overcoming drug and alcohol abuse. According to Lewis, Dana, and Blevins, (2011), clients can and need to participate in treatment planning in order for it to work. Initial assessments are vital to gather information such as demographics, background, family history, health and medical, and presenting concerns. It is imperative as counselors to explore the problem with the client and gather specific information on each major problem to assess the underlying issues and causes of the abuse. What happened to the client? What makes them turn to and abuse drugs? Of primary importance is getting the trust of the client and making him feel secure and stable to elaborate on these details. After this is done an initial assessment can be made to determine the appropriate treatment. West and Hamm, (2012), said the most important responsibility is protecting the well-being of the client. Counselors need specific knowledge and unique skills to help clients with substance abuse issues. There is no one approach that fits all clients. As counselors, we need to pull on the skills that we have learned. This includes being trustworthy and being an expert on the subject. Counselors have to ask open-ended questions to get the client to open up. Also needed are the skills of paraphrasing, clarifying, reflection, restatement and summarizing. We also need to listen and watch the verbal and nonverbal signals from the client. Some methods and test that can be used in assessment is the SAASI, Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory, the CAGE test, 12-step program, and many others to help in treatment planning and assistance in making goals.

Treatment Planning/Goals and Process and Aftercare
Some issues that are of most importance in making an initial assessment is making sure the client is stable. The most important treatment goal would be to a help the client to become free of drugs and alcohol abuse. Goals have to be set in order to do this. The client has to learn how to avoid association and places where the temptation is overwhelming. This may be making new friends at support groups who are trying to accomplish the same goal. Avoiding triggers can help the client be successful. Small but obtainable goals will help the client attain success.
Rapp, Van Den Noortgate, Broekaert, and Vanderplasschen, (2014) said case management is an essential social service intervention implemented to assist individuals with a wide range of challenges in accessing needed services. Described were the core functions of case management which included an assessment of major life challenges, development of a plan of action...

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