Drug Free Workplace Evaluation Essay

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AbstractIllegal drugs have been a part of the American society for centuries and continue to be a burden for today's economy. Each year the government allots billions of dollars towards educating and treating individuals who suffer from substance abuse yet the numbers continue to increase. Healthcare premiums reflect the medical arenas stance on substance abuse by raising their premiums for coverage. Insurance companies are hesitant in insuring individuals who abuse illegal drugs because they are high risk for coverage. Offices such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has created a list of illegal substances based on their effects of usage to warn the public of the dangers ...view middle of the document...

Back then, doctors prescribed the drugs to their rich patients unaware of the side effects of short and long-term use. One particular drug of choice was Laudanum that consisting of a mixture of opium and alcohol. Reports showed that famous individuals such as "Thomas Dequincy was known for his addictive behaviors to the substance.The nineteenth century introduced opium as the drug of choice, and later changed to morphine once Friedrich Serturner isolated the primary ingredient (Carroll, 2000, p. 131)The new creation was used to treat pain and diarrhea and quickly became an abusive substance when the "hypodermic syringe was used almost 50 years later." Heroin replaced morphine in 1898 and became an addictive drug of choice, which was not the intended purpose. Bayer Company created a new drug intended whose purpose was painkillers. The ongoing concerns of drug abuse enabled the foundation for the "Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906 which mandated that drug companies had to disclose the narcotic contents on the labels of their products while ensuring the purity of their medicines" (Carroll, 2000, p. 132). Another Act passed was the "Harrison Narcotics Act was passed in 1914 in order to regulate the use and distribution of substances (Carroll, 2000, p. 132).Current Abuse TrendsDuring the past 20 years, crack usage increased while cocaine usage decreased because of abusers fearing the harmful substances of the drug. Carroll, (2000) stated, "cocaine is the most powerful stimulant of natural origin. The substance is either snorted or injected to allow the abuser to feel the effects quickly. Studies revealed that 51% of Americans consume alcoholic beverages and 39% confessed to using illegal drugs. These numbers are considerably high considering the government has agencies who are supposed to control the use and distribution of illegal drugs.Frank, Galea and Simeone (1990) obtained information on surveys conducted in New York City between 1985 to 1990 which suggested that cocaine and heroin addiction was nearing record heights. During admissions, 72% were positive for cocaine and 83% of arrestees were involved with crack related substances (Frank, Galea and Simeone, 1990, ¶2). Despite all efforts to take control of the substance abuse plaguing society, states such as this are still reflecting problems, which drawn additional concerns. Surprisingly the medical field urges individuals from using habit-forming drugs and on the same page approves the use of illegal substances.American Culture: Encourages and Supports DrugsPrevious research suggests that substance abuse varies based on the individual, properties of the desired substance and social context. Youths in our society do not realize the dangers of using recreational drugs usage because the drugs are not physiologically addictive. Alcohol appears to be influenced by peer influences or begins in the home from observing behaviors displayed by parents. College students appear to have higher numbers...

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