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Drugs In Society Essay

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legal and ilegal drugsTHE USE OF DRUGS IN TODAY'S SOCIETYWhat are they?Legal drugs are drugs you are allowed to take with/without prescription (drugs that the government can tax, and a drug company can make a profit from) e.g. tobacco and caffeine. An illegal drug is a drug that you are not permitted to take with/without prescription (home grown or made outside a regulated lab but the government and companies do not get any money) e.g. weed. There are many effects drugs can have on the human body: damages hearing and eyesight, adrenaline levels rise (feeling of "high"), hallucinations (the "journey"), can cause death if overdosed, harms your nervous system, bad chemicals get into your blood stream, and alters your common sense.[Type the company name]SUPPORT…There ...view middle of the document...

Buddhists believe we should forgive and show compassion. Hindus believe aid will bring good karma. Sikhs say it is their duty to help others in society (sewa).Religions, organisations, doctors, rehab centres etc. can all help to overcome drug problems.Blah blah blah blah balhThe effects these drugs have to family and friends:The personality of the user can change; they may attack people, destroy property, or harm themselves. There is also a financial effect: spending money on drugs instead of necessities. They can lose their jobs impacting their incomes affecting their children. They may be arrested for stealing from family or committing crimes to support their drug habit.The effects these drugs have on society:-More strain on healthcare system, treatment costs money (hospital/rehab admissions).-Deaths, serious injuries to non-users.-Increased stress (crime rates go up-property loss, murders etc.)-Cost of premature death.-Lack of productivity in the economy (people losing their jobs to drugs)Drug statisticsBritain has a bigger illegal drug problem than any other country in Europe. The Government tends to spend around £1.5 billion per year on tackling the problem. However, attacking the problem still deems difficult because there are at least 300, 000 children growing up in homes where one or both of their parents are dependent on illegal drugs. (Cocaine is said to be the most common- TOP RIGHT IMAGE).What can be done?In recent surveys, the following is what people think should be happening; more investments in enforcement should be made to reduce the amount of illegal drugs on the streets, increased focus on drugs education in school and the media may help, rehabilitation should be made compulsory for ALL addicts, more investments in improving life in social deprived areas may reduce the number of young people taking drugs.

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