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Drugs In The Us Essay

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Over the years the DEA and other governments have been trying their hardest to eliminate drug trafficking. It has become more difficult because of Mexico and the states bordering it. That state and those bordering it have their own drug war present that they are trying to fight and get rid of. The more their government tries to improve the more gang violence becomes a bigger issue. Drug wars have left communities in the states of Texas and California in ruins, as the death toll takes a turn for worst at its all-time high. The DEA makes over 30,000 arrests each year related to the trafficking of illegal narcotics. Also over 32 percent of all inmates in the United States were either under the ...view middle of the document...

Certain isolated incidents in the United States, such as the torture by a Mexican trafficker of a Dominican drug customer in Atlanta, are frightening, but do not represent a dramatic departure from the violence that has always been associated with the drug trade.Much of the risk of spillover violence is posed by younger-generation traffickers whose approach to the drug trade is less rational and profit-minded than that of their elders, or by multi-national street and prison gangs working in concert with Mexican cartels as enforcers and street-level drug distributors. As the GOM has continuously and successfully disrupted the cartels’ command and control structure through operations against their leaders, less-experienced junior cartel members are inhabiting roles formerly held by traffickers of long standing who, while violent, tended to be more deliberate and cautious in their actions. In Ciudad Juarez, where three individuals associated with the U.S. consulate were killed in March, the Barrio Azteca (BA) street gang is the best known of...

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