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Dry Wet Counties Of Texas Essay

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Booze clues

As of November 2013, Texas has forty-nine ‘Wet’ counties and eleven “dry” counties. The definition of a dry county is; a county which bans the sale of all alcoholics. Opposite to this, a wet county is one that allows the sale of alcohol. However, this is the simplest way of looking at alcohol sales in Texas. Counties and localities have a identity crisis, they try to be “Texas independent” while at the same time mirroring the policies of other Bible belt localities outside of the state. As you take a closer look at wet counties in Texas, you will find that different localities have different levels of allowable alcohol sales and are referred to as ‘moist’ or ‘partly wet’. Designations are made based on the type of alcohol allowed and whether or not it can be purchased for home consumption, or be purchased at a licensed bar or ...view middle of the document...

First, it represents a fundamental right for individuals to drink if they choose to, look at prohibition. All of our group members agree, individuals should have the liberty to choose to drink or not drink. Since most adults who choose to drink will drink, banning alcohol sales can force individuals to travel longer distances to purchase alcohol in adjacent counties. These long drives pose a small but measurable risk to drivers. Alcohol sales also represent a big tax revenue pipeline for localities. On quality of life, individuals (especially young men and women) usually seek to live in places that allow alcohol sales. It is simply a part of life and if a person want to enjoy a beer after work or a glass of wine at dinner; they should be allowed to do so. Many counties & localities have taken note of this and thus the subject becomes gray since many previously dry counties now allow beer and wine.

Our group found a peer review article focused on the effects of minimum drinking laws “Effects of Minimum Drinking Age Laws: Review and Analysis of the Literature from 1960 to 2000”. This relates to the issue at hand because it relates to limiting alcohol access to young individuals. The main purpose of the article was to research the effectiveness of minimum drinking age laws (MDAL). They tried to measure a relationship between alcohol consumption & traffic crashes. The study indicated that there is an inverse relationship between MDAL and the two outcomes measures. Also, they were not able to find a correlation between specific populations. Thus proponents for dry counties would argue that banning alcohol sales would also have an inverse relationship on traffic crashes and alcohol consumption. In the other spectrum, we found an statically article that shows that alcohol sales have a negligible effects on alcohol related accidents. In other words, both sides could go in circles dancing and showing their different views, in the end one facts holds true: individuals have the right to choose if they want to drink or not

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