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Dual Roles Essay

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Dual Roles
      In many stories, it is often noticed that the writers use an allegorical figure to demonstrate abstract qualities as actual people. In these stories the allegorical figure holds a name that will tell you what his character is supposed to be representing. The allegorical figure is a cunning and unique way of taking a characteristic or an object and making it come alive to the readers. This can put an advantage upon your story when trying to get across a certain point, but most often a morality issue. Everyman is a play in which the writer went to great lengths to use allegorical figures to get across a lesson that concerns itself with the salvation ...view middle of the document...

     Good Deeds plays a second, or dual, role as an abstraction in the play also. An abstraction is a concept or an idea; in this case, the abstraction is more of an object. Good Deeds are special tasks that a person completes throughout their lifetime and will count as a point in their favor on the Day of Judgment. A good deed can be helping find a cure for cancer, giving a poor person money or shelter, finding someone a job, helping a teacher, or even baking cookies for a lonely neighbor. Good deeds, the abstraction, is shown when Everyman is called upon by Death. Everyman needs to have good tasks that he has done during his life. In the case of Everyman, he has done a few good deeds, but they are overshadowed by his sins. The good deeds cannot be erased, and this is made clear to Everyman. It is also shown that good deeds are an abstraction because they stay with Everyman until he goes before God. When Everyman is before God, the good deeds “speak” for him. This is true to each an every being. Our good deeds with be with...

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