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Dualism Essay

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Rene Descartes has generated many arguments proving that the mind and body are two separate realities, but none stronger than his "Argument from Consciousness". Due to the fact that Descartes states that the mind is a thinking thing and the body is not, the two entities cannot be the same. By proving that the mind is capable of such feats as knowing, questioning, imagining and wishing we are able to better understand the differences between the mind and the body.The questioning of the mind-body relationship is rhetoric in itself because it proves that the mind is capable of doubt, which the body is not. As simple as it sounds, Descartes explains this in his writings from the Meditations on ...view middle of the document...

Comparing the processes of a computer to the brain can disprove the common theory of physicalists that the brain and mind are one. Information is imputed into a computer, using various devices and stimuli. The computer then runs the information through a series of predetermined processes and routes. The computer then produces the various feedback and end results to the user via various outputs.This same system of logic and processes are followed in the brain. The body acquires information from the outside world by the five senses. The data is relayed into the brain where it is broken down into ones and zeros much like in the computer. That information is then used to produce some sort of reaction to be carried out by the body.These two processes are both strikingly similar; infuse of information, breaking down of data, running the data through a series of checks and balances and finally resending feedback through the outputs. Computers do not have the ability to think. They are simply programmed to perform certain processes given various inputs. That is essentially how the brain works. It is in the mind where feelings, thoughts, desires and emotions are generated. These are the things that a computer, or brain could never create.The physicalist tries to use the analogy of the brain to a computer to their advantage, but with weak support. The fact that the brain uses inputs to produce outputs is true, although there is no evidence or logical explanation of how a physical brain can use the knowledge of past experience to...

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