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Duke Of Ed Walk Essay

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My Bronze Expedition Log

We started our exhibition at Spelga dam on the Friday morning. We thought it was great getting a day off school to do our Duke of Edinburgh. We went to the school hall to get our kit checked and make sure we haven’t forgotten anything important . We were all buzzing and ready to go at this point and got on the mini bus that was taking us to Spelga. The journey lasted an hour or so and the whole time we were planning the easiest route up and where we would stop. My group we planning to get to camp first and get our tents up quickly and maximise our rest time. It all seemed like a great plan and we were all up for the long journey ahead.

We got to Spelga and the ...view middle of the document...

On our descent down the hill we came across a dead rabbit which amused us for a while as we got pictures beside it and jokes we should take it with us and make a stew with it once we got to camp.

By the time we got to the road crossing the girls were in our sights. This meant we were making good time and wished to continue at this pace. We crossed the stile and had a break on some rocks nearby. We rested for about 2 minutes and then started to walk again. We got to the bottom of the hill the stile was placed upon and went over the stile ahead of us. After crossing it the terrain was easier to walk on as it was a grassy rock like mix. We continued to follow the route along a small stream and crossed a tube/bridge. We took another break and took a bearing to make sure we were going in the right direction. We were, so we desided to head on in that direction and get to the first checkpoint where we would meet our trainers. We passed Fofanny Dam and progressed to the first checkpoint. The other groups decided to rest here but none of us were that hungry so we decided to walk on for a while. We got up the small hill and followed the stony trail for a while.

We got to the first river and decided to take a break once we crossed it. There was some dry raised land over the river and so we rested there. We stopped for about 15 minutes and then decided to start to walk again. The one member of our group who had been keeping us behind pulled out a cheese roll as we started to walk and some how gave him the energy to lead the group around the mountains and following the Mourne Wall. On numerous occasions we fell knee high in marsh and slipped a few times when crossing rivers. We got to the end of the Mourne Wall and were well ahead of the other groups. There were no trainers in sight so we decided to just keep walking. We walked along the stony path which was very hard to walk along because of its uneven surface. We looked behind and saw the huge mountains and could just make out one of the other groups. We stopped at the next gate for a minute to get out snacks and drinks. We started walking and noticed to our left a dead sheep. We kept on walking and soon reached the big hill. The land here was muddy with some rocks but was considerably easier to walk on than the other track was. We walked up the hill that, for some time had no end and when we had got to the top and walked down the other side we stopped for a minute to give our legs a rest.

For a while we were walking along a trail and we were making very good time. We estimated to be in camp in about 2 and a half hours in total. We reached another gate and stopped for a minute, we got some more snacks out and decided to walk for 30 minutes before we took another big rest. We continued along the track and passed a farm. We kept walking and came to a stile. We climbed it and decided to take a break. It was then we realised we had reached Tollymore forest and that was huge in our efforts to get to...

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