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During This Dissertation The Technical Characteristics Of A Radial Flow Pump Were Examined

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The grade of this final year project was 58%.Although i am not posting the long section which covers the pump theory, since it was copied from the web!Executive SummaryDuring this dissertation the technical characteristics of a radial flow pump were examined. Using the laboratory facilities of the university, the pump was tested and the characteristic curves were determined.The influence of the rotational speed and the angle of the diffusion casing vanes were also examined.In addition the hydraulic losses of the pump were also calculated and the theoretical characteristic curve was derived.The final part of this project consisted of a market research on commercial pumps, which were compared ...view middle of the document...

6 Dimensional Analysis 154.7 Comparing experimental and theoretical results 174.8 Recommendations on the test-rig 194.8.1 Valve at suction 194.8.2 Reducing suction Elbow 204.9 Alternative concepts 204.9.1 Efficiency 204.9.2 V-notch weir 215. Commercial pumps 216. Drawings 257. Bibliography - References 26APPENDIX A - Calculation of the volumetric flow rate 27APPENDIX B - Experiment A Spreadsheets of Measurements 27APPENDIX C - Experiment B Spreadsheets of Measurements 27APPENDIX D - Experiment B - Dimensional analysis 27APPENDIX E - Conversion Datasheets of Commercial Pumps 27APPENDIX F - Data of Commercial Pumps 271. IntroductionΜέν ύδώρ άριστον (= men idor ariston)- the best is water. This saying by the Greek philosopher and poet Pindar (518-446 BC) has gained particular significance today in view of the fact that there are more than 5 billion of people in the 1990's without a secure water supply. Newly-forming arid deserts present an additional problem. Not only in the Sahel zone but also in other areas of the world, large steppes are changing into infinite sand deserts. Droughts followed by starvation are likely in these regions.In addition, a rapidly growing world population presents a further challenge to world's water supplies. The provision and/or processing of drinking water is therefore one of the most important tasks of our time.The centrifugal pump is one of the most widely used pumps for transferring water and this is for a number of reasons. Centrifugal pumps are very quiet in comparison to other pumps. They have a relatively low operating and maintenance costs. Centrifugal pumps also take up little floor space and create a uniform, non-pulsating flow.To match a pump for a particular application and to use a pump effectively, it is necessary to know the pump characteristics. In this dissertation there is exposed the method of determination of pump characteristics, which is similar for all types of pumps.2. ObjectivesPurpose of this final year project, is to carry out an analysis on the laboratory pump of the university and to determine the relevant hydraulic characteristics.The pump is tested and the resulting pump curves consisting of flow rate, pressure head, efficiency and power are plotted. Two main experiments have taken place. Objective of the first experiment is to test the pump at several angles of the diffusion casing vanes at a constant rotational speed. By observing the characteristic flow curves for each vane angle, the angle at which the pump has the best performance is determined. The second experiment has taken place for several rotational speeds and constant angle of the diffusion casing vanes. The objective of this...

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