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Dying For Love In Of Love And Other Demons By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Dying for Love in "Of Love and Other Demons" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Based on part of the XVIII century, when the prevalent times of the Spanish Inquisition dominated the powers of the society and the people was ruled by an orthodox way of thinking, Gabriel Garcia Marquez gives birth to "Of Love and Other Demons". According to The American Heritage Dictionary, Inquisition was a former Roman Catholic tribunal established to suppress heresy. The term Heresy originally meant a belief that one arrived at by oneself (Greek hairesis, "choosing for oneself"), and it is any religious doctrine opposed to the dogma of a particular church, especially a doctrine held by a person professing ...view middle of the document...

            African slaves in the courtyard of her father's mansion raised Sierva Maria, a white girl with the roots of a high-status society position. Completely different cultures were inculcated to her. She worshiped African gods, spoke Yoruban and African languages and though radically different to his parents. With a bell in her wrist, Sierva Maria used to remind the hate and fright that Bernarda had for her. She was so distant to where her virtual real home was that she even put herself a new name: Maria Mandinga, giving meaning to the darkness of soul found sometime in Sierva Maria.

            The Marquis, Don Ygnacio de Alfaro y Duenas, spent most of his life as a non-living human, a useless virgin that did not show any signs of life until he met Olalla de Mendoza. He could have had whatever he wanted and be anything he would've wanted to, since his father had the power to do it. He was interested in nothing, not even in his daughter, even though she was the result of an abrupt strategy of Bernarda's father to engage him for life. Moreover, Bernarda did not care about anything either. She found her path through other ways of life and her daughter and husband were total unknown persons to her. Judas Iscariote meant a lot in her life. He also represents the betrayal to the closest people that were in Bernarda's life.

            One day in the market, Sierva Maria's leg is grazed by the jaws of a rabid dog. Her father did not know about this until a healer (common of the inquisition era) comes knocking on his door and telling him that a rabid dog bit his daughter. He suddenly seems very worried about his daughter, and like never before, he starts to make some kind of connection between his culture and his daughter's culture trying to be closer to her. After many efforts to heal his daughter, he finds himself in a position where closeness starts becoming a word with more meaning:

            At that moment, as if in a blinding flash from heaven, the Marquis understood the meaning of his life.

"The girl is not going to die," he said with determination. "But if she must die, it shall be of whatever God wills." (Garcia Marquez 16)

Now, the Marquis would give his life and Bernarda's life for his daughters. But at this time he did not believe in God, and he was not trying to, even though he was getting to a point of frustration because of the inability to do something about it. After many attempts to try to heal the supposed disease that there were still no signs of rabies, the Marquis is called by the local Catholic bishop, Don Toribio de Caceres y Virtudes. The bishop convinces the Marquis that his daughter was a sign of demonic possession. The Marquis, in his incredibility in the hands of God, gives the power to them and assigns his daughter to a convent:

There was lightning and distant thunder on the horizon, the sky was lowering and the ocean surly. They turned a corner and there stood the convent of...

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