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Dyslexia Essay

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My tep is maned pots. He si a doog do88i3. If you are wondering what those two statements were they read, "My pet is named spot. He is a good doggie." This is what a dyslexic would see if given that sentence to read. Dyslexia is a learning disability that directly affects one's ability to read but flipping words or letters around often making it difficult to read and/or comprehend a simple sentence such as the one shown previously. Dyslexia comes from the Latin root -dys meaning difficulty and the Greek root -lexia meaning reading hence the definition difficulty reading. It is known that people know little or nothing about dyslexia however this research will educate people on what dyslexia is and factors that impact a person with this disability. This paper will aim to educate people that dyslexia does not discriminate, dyslexic children often experience frustration in performing everyday tasks and ...view middle of the document...

One who has dyslexia due to genetics often experiences frustration. A dyslexic student experiences frustration in school and in everyday life. A dyslexic has trouble with performing what some may consider the simple task of reading. There are works to be read everywhere whether one is in school, at the store, watching T.V., or simply walking down the street. Frustration is experienced at school most often because the student often has difficulty with reading or writing assignments because he or she is not grasping the material as well as some of the other students may be.Although dyslexia is incurable, there are ways to over come or control it. According to the International Dyslexia Association, phonological training and or software programs are highly effective while the child is young. HE or she would be able to read harder material easier with proper training. There are countless organizations, magazines and support groups for the dyslexic child, teacher of dyslexic children, or the parent(s) of a dyslexic child. Support from these area along with the parents, teachers and other role model figures in a child's life also help a dyslexic child over come the disorder. The support gives them the extra push that they need and enables them to try a little harder in order to please those around them. It also lets them know that they are not alone and there are people whom care about the child.From looking at what dyslexia is to seeing how it can be overcome has been the focus of the previous paragraphs. Dyslexia is a disorder that should be understood whether it is understanding what it is or what dyslexics experience from day to day. Dyslexia is a disorder that affects one's ability to read so that words they see are often mixed up or distorted. Dyslexia is not given to a person based on anything than their genes. In performing everyday tasks such as reading, dyslexics often become frustrated. Even though it is incurable, it is able to be overcome or controlled. In hopes to have educated the reader on dyslexia the writer leaves him or her with a quote from a once famous television cartoon, G.I Joe,"now you know and knowing is half the battle..."

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