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E Cigarette Is "Evaporating" Tobacco Industry ?

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E cigarette is "evaporating" tobacco industry ? Due to various reasons, many countries are refusing to allow the import of electronic cigarettes and/or sales. Classification is still an electronic cigarettes to overcome a major obstacle, many countries still do not admit they are tobacco products, instead insist they belong to the drug or other category, which may greatly restrict imports and sales potential.

Adolescent smoking problem, including teenage smokers can use electronic cigarettes at home or at school, rather than risk due to residual tobacco smoke leak and the concept of the risk of being caught, also play a role, there is concern about the health risks has not been proved, ...view middle of the document...

Australia contains nicotine as S7 toxin (unlike traditional found in tobacco products), and restrict imports.Importers need to register for the industrial application importer or manufacturer.Australia, however, allowed to import three months supply of S7 toxins, for personal use, so can legally get smoke bombs, either by buying online, across the border into either as personal property.

New Zealand health ministry ruled that used in the electronic cigarette nicotine cartridges to comply with the requirements of the medicines act, in addition to the registered drug, can't sales.However, allow imports of electronic equipment, smoke bombs and electronic cigarette smoke liquid used for personal use, but according to the "smoke-free environment law", the electronic cigarette advertising.

Malaysia has decided to electronic cigarette is drugs, and allow them to import and sale, but through the pharmacy to buy, buyers need to provide a doctor's prescription.It is said that there are many websites for marketing and sales of electronic cigarettes in Malaysia, suspicious buyers can submit a doctor's prescription.

In India, the electronic cigarette is legitimate, touted as a way to bypass the widely around the smoking ban, including on the plane.They are also referred to as a smoking cessation methods for sale, as a kind of traditional and healthier alternative to smoke tobacco products.What will they do in retail and buy online.India has a few companies produce electronic cigarettes, for domestic sales and exports.In Pakistan and Nepal, the electronic cigarette is legitimate, is available.

In South Korea, electronic cigarettes are legal and widely used, but their tax is very heavy, perhaps suggests that this is the direction of the other market in the future.

In other areas

In the United States, in the United States food and drug administration (fda) tried to ban the import of electronic cigarettes after the success of the challenge, the electronic cigarette use is legal.Neighboring Canada, with its powerful anti-smoking laws to ban imports of the electronic cigarettes contain nicotine and sales.However, do not contain nicotine electronic cigarettes, is accepted as a smoking cessation medical equipment use.

As an article to report, eu...

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