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Shopping on the internet is certainly a popular past time, an efficient time-saver, and a great way to comparison shop on virtually any kind of item you’re interested in. E-commerce has risen and become one of the most successful platforms for shopping in the most convenient way. One of the best examples of the online shopping portals is Fashion and You.
Fashion and you
Fashion and you |
Founder(s) | Harish Bahl and Pearl Uppal |
Headquarters | India |
Website | Fashion and You |
Fashion and You is a private invitation only shopping club, based in Gurgaon, India. It was founded by Harish Bahl in November, 2009
Fashion and You is a private invitation only shopping club ...view middle of the document...

Since the inception in 2010, we stand today with over 3.6 million member-base across 1200 locations pan-India, and we are also the first ones to achieve over a Million fan-base on social media in the online fashion and lifestyle segment worldwide.
fashionandyou.com is a venture of the Smile Group, responsible for other e-commerce initiatives like BeStylish, dealsandyou.com, FreeCultr and Juvalia&You. fashionandyou.com is a part of Brand Alliance, an international organization formed by major private sales companies in Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Australia, the Middle East, the USA, India, Russia and Switzerland.
What we do & How

fashionandyou.com gives its members access to the best of international, luxury, hi-fashion, lifestyle brands & designer labels at up to 80% off retail. With multiple options for women, men and kids, the offerings include apparel, footwear, accessories, fragrances, watches, cosmetics, home & lifestyle products. We bring our members 15 new sales every day, showcasing merchandise of over 500 brands through limited-time events.
Each sale starts at 10.00 AM sharp and lasts for 3 days on an average. The thorough selection of brands and products, the personalized before and after-sales service, the ease of site navigation and the attention to detail, ensure an offering of exceptional quality to each of our members. Members are prepped and notified about upcoming sale events by e-mailers, SMS and through our social networking pages. Each event clears out on a first-come, first-served basis, so it's best to log on early and bag the best deals.
Access to fashionandyou.com sales is reserved for registered members only. Membership is free with no obligation to purchase. To become a member, all you need to do is register online. Once you join and discover the great deals on fashionandyou.com and the delightful shopping experience, spread the joy by inviting your friends. When they make their first purchase, you get a free shopping voucher worth Rs.750!
India eRetail Awards'12
Fashion eRetailer of the Year 2012
Star Awards
Star Retailer Debutant Award 2010 in the award ceremony held by Franchise India on December 12, 2010 in New Delhi
Fashionandyou.com recognized by DataQuest amongst the top 20 Hottest Ecommerce Startups From India
WAT Awards
fashionandyou.com got a Silver in the Ecommerce site of the year category
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* Dainik savera
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* News x
Delivery methods:
fashionandyou.com dispatches all parcels using a courier chosen according to your order or the type of products sold on fashionandyou.com to offer you a fast and reliable delivery service.
With this service, your parcel is delivered within 2 – 7 working days of being dispatched.
You can track your delivery via the My Account / My orders page.
Delivery charges:

For Delivery in India:
1. INR 100 (Rupees one...

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