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E=Mc" A Two Page Report On Albert Einstein's Theory Of Relativity With Resource Listed

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E=mc"Born in 1879 in Ulm, Württemberg, Germany, Albert Einstein was considered a quite child who was raised by his German Jewish family.Einstein's formula, which describes the relationship between energy (E), mass (m) and the speed of light (c), derives from Einstein's special theory of relativity. This theory postulates that time and space are relative, how we measure time and space depends on our state of motion relative to other observers. The formula E=mc" first appeared in an article by Einstein in 1905, using a different notation, and in 1907 he fully generalized the concept to the equivalence of mass and energy. The ...view middle of the document...

Einstein completed the general theory of relativity in 1915 and published this first exposé the following year. The general theory overturned Newton's theory of gravity, which had been valid for two hundred and fifty years. In Newton's universe, gravity was regarded as an attractive force, which all massive bodies exert on each other. The planets moved in elliptical orbits about the sun because of its great mass powerful gravitational force. In Einstein's universe, gravity is not regarded as an exterior force, but rather as a property of space and time or "space-time". Einstein's curved four-dimensional space-time "continuum" is often likened to a suspended rubber sheet stretched taut but deformed wherever heavy objects - stars, galaxies or any other matter - are placed on it. Thus, a massive body like the sun curves the space-time around it and the planets move along these curved pathways of space-time. As Einstein put it: "matter tells space how to bend; space tells matter how to move".The general theory predicted exactly to what extent a light beam would be bent when it passes near the sun. This prediction was confirmed by observations made by an expedition led by the British astronomer Arthur Eddington during a total eclipse of the sun in May 1919. It was the announcement of the confirmation of this prediction, which thrust celebrity status upon Einstein overnight in November 1919.Resources

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