E303 Tma2 Analysis And Concordancing Of Words "Odd' And "Strange"

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Oksana Markova
E303, 2012
TMA 02

Step 1

From my own intuition the words odd and strange can be synonymous depending on the context and could carry very similar meaning in many contexts. I would guess that the word strange is more frequent, but something tells me I might be wrong too. I realise the word odd can carry additional meaning of number so that could significantly increase its occurrence.
The word collocations that I thought of immediately: the odd situation, a strange man.

i) To complete these searches I took following steps: I launched MonoConc application. Chose LOAD CORPUS FILE(S) from the FILE menu. Located and selected folder named Corpus1 and then ...view middle of the document...

(c) To classify the different meanings of odd and strange I used my samples from previous task of around 50 occurrences of each word.
As I previously intuitively noted the word odd can also have a note to a number, which gives it a completely different lexical meaning not synonymous to the word strange. From my original intuition I knew there would be such occurrences, but the frequency of these was quite surprising. I have used Oxford Dictionary (www.oxforddictionaries.com) in help to get the main meanings classified into few broad groups: odd also means frequency of occurrence. I have included some of the examples from my results in a table right under the meanings.

|Strange adj. |Odd adj. |
|1. unusual or surprising, difficult to understand or explain: |1. different to what is usual or expected; strange: |
|…in a strange way we were friends. |…despite the odd blip, the public has received a single |
|…people of strange and unusual taste |consistent message. |
|its going to be a strange journey up to Woodbridge |The odd policy to put stage in the middle of the… |
| |Joe experienced the most odd feeling,… |
| |She’s most odd devil! She really is! |
|53 out of 58 |29 out of 52 |
|2. not previously visited, seen, or encountered; unfamiliar or |2. notion of a number (of whole numbers such as 3 and 5) or|
|alien: |quantity: |
|Driving through London in a strange car.. |.. with the exception of the odd copper or two.. |
|… companionship of you and Charlotte in a strange land will be..|…I can do a hundred and twenty odd in that thing.. |
|..there were strange symbols on portions of wreckage |I’ve not even four hundred and odd pounds. |
| |…they had about twenty odd teachers there… |
|4 out of 58 |15 out of 52 |
| |3. [attributive] happening or occurring infrequently and |
| |irregularly; occasional: |
| |…I keep...

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