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Early Child Development Essay

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Early Child Development

Infancy and Early Childhood Development

The brain of infants and early childhood development is empty and absorbable like a sponge throughout adulthood. At infancy stage, the brain develops according to exposure to verbal expression exposure and visual physical observation exposure. The human being brain will utilize the exposures throughout the developing stages in life (Feldman, 2010). Parenting interaction with an infant and environmental condition affects the way infants develop. Hence, it is fundamental to set positive structure from the beginning because the exposure cannot be undone when raising a child. It is significantly important to provide a ...view middle of the document...

Parents or caregivers are momentous in early stages of development. Infants in a neglectful atmosphere may experience lasting developmental damage because of the parent’s short of care and affection. The infant needs to have adequate amount of attention, care, affection, attention and cerebral stimulation to develop at a most favorable level. Psychological and biological development is majorly influenced by a caregiver’s role. Sensations, motor skills, and perceptions are consistently developing. If negative exposure occurs these cognitive skills may have difficulty developing properly. Adults may have difficulty learning new skills without being taught, this ability becomes even more difficult if the principles were not applied during infancy and childhood development.

Parenting Styles

Authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative are three traditional parenting styles that exist. Each parenting style is distinctive and has diverse characteristics that pertain to the way in which a parent raises a child (Berger, 2008). Although a child is born with genetic inheritance of characteristic traits and the nurture of a parent or caregiver is a vital factor to child development (Berger, 2008). Permissive and authoritarian parenting both create children that suppress emotions and express feelings and thought in a non-favorable manner.

Authoritarian parents are usually bossy and do not feel the need to elucidate themselves to the child. A child growing up in an authoritarian environment does not have much freedom and infrequently makes decisions on his or her own. The authoritarian approach may potentially rebound and cause the child to rebel against authority figures. Children in a permissive atmosphere have plentiful amount of freedom in all aspects of life (Berge, 2008). Permissive parents do not normally make rules or boundaries for the child. The child may grow up to be immature with little sense of responsibility. Permissive parenting is the opposite of the authoritarian approach to parenting. Authoritative parenting provides the nurturing and structural elements for developing coping, learning, and positive attributes for children. Authoritative parents set boundaries and try to guide the child in a positive direction while giving him or her enough freedom to make individual choices (Berger, 2008). A child lead in an authoritative atmosphere often develops a good sense of self-reliance and responsibility. These children are also said to be at a developmental advantage in comparison to children raised in a permissive or authoritarian atmosphere. In comparison to the other two parenting styles, the authoritative parenting style has less negative influences on the child’s growth and development and the most positive advantages. A child raised in an authoritative home has a positive esteem...

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