Early Childhood Guide Essay

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Early Childhood Guide

Planning a guide to early childhood program development is essential to serve as a tool for improving and developing high quality early childhood programs. It is essential for each childhood education setting to plan its program so as to facilitate achievements of the goals. Planning a curriculum should be a continuous process which involves identifying needs and capabilities of children, observation, provision of necessary resources, evaluation and assessment. To ensure that the curriculum goals are realized, childhood programs should be planned to offer sufficient learning experience for the children.
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Early childhood centers should be designed to improve learning of concepts, topics and skills.

When planning early childhood program, the design should be put in consideration as it has a great effect on children. When developing a plan, you should work with the students interests so that you can create a center that they will appreciate and make learning fun for them. The center should be well equipped and offer students a variety of learning alternatives. The program should be adjusted to have specific lessons that cater for students with special needs and designed in a way that favors all the students. (Bruce, 2011)
In building a strong foundation for schools, Kentucky early childhood standards that describe what children should know and what they would be able to do. The standards of the Kentucky early childhood outline how a teacher should appropriately measure a child’s progress. The standards focus mostly on program improvement. Some of the standards that I would adopt from the Kentucky early childhood standards are; the statewide early involvement system which provides children with disabilities. Specific lessons should be put in place when planning early childhood programs that will cater for the disabled children.
The Kentucky early childhood standards has a program known as the hands, it is a voluntary program that offers home visitation for first time parents. This program provides services from the prenatal period until a child’s third birthday. The Kentucky association for early childhood education is structured to represent the needs and right of all children and their families. It also states that there should be a provision of opportunities for the collaboration of individuals and groups who are concerned with education of the young children and care.

The children foundation is a nonprofit private organization that works to improve the life of children in the early childhood centers and those who care for them. The main reason for the formation of this organization is to provide a voice for caregivers, children and their families when it comes to important issues. Through the national child care advocacy program and national child support program, they conduct researches and offers training and information on nutritional programs for children.
The national institute of early educational research conducts researches on the states that fund early childhood programs in the United States and they gather important information from their research which is used to assess childhood centers and make improvements. When planning a childhood program it is important to conduct researches that will help analyze and know which areas need improvements and what to do to better the lives and education...

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