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Early Childhood Programme Essay

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Date | Time | Name of the activity | Age | Type of the activity | Information about the activity | Participants | Learning Goals accordingly to the preschool curriculum | Materials | Variations | | Learning Goals accordingly to the preschool curriculum |
Mondaythe 14th of November | 11.00-11.30 | ’’Famous places in France’’ | 2 ½ -6 yrs | Child-centered, adult-directedCircle time activity | A power point presentation will be presented about famous place in France | the young children in the two Montessori rooms and the ones in the preschool Montessori room together with their teachers and the assistants. | to familiarise with famous places in France , to learn about a foreign country in Europe, to develop concentration, attention | Cd with the Power Point presentation, Computer | None | | to familiarise with famous places in France , to learn about a foreign country in Europe, to develop concentration, ...view middle of the document...

00-11.30 | ’’French Colours’’ | 2 ½ -6 yrs | Child-centered, Child-initiated adult-directedOutdoor activity | The will do some physical exercises during they will be taught colours in French | the young children in the two Montessori rooms and the ones in the preschool Montessori room together with their teachers and the assistants. | To learn some colours in French develop gross motor skills concentration, attention | Cards with the French colours, coloured spots, a sack | Colour game |
Friday, the 18th of November | 11.00-11.30 | ’’French Songs’’ | 2 ½ -6 yrs | Child-centered, Child-initiated, adult-directedCircle time activity | The children will be presented some French songs and they will sing and dance | the young children in the two Montessori rooms and the ones in the preschool Montessori room together with their teachers and the assistants. | To familiarise with the sound of French music, to learn some French songs, to develop concentration | Dvd and booklet with lyrics | Listen to the French songs |
‘’Think French’’ one week programme .Daily activities |

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