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Early Development Of The Criminal Mind

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Early development of the criminal mind
John Sanders
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For many, determining the cause of crime would cease crime. Others believe that there is a genetic disorder which causes criminal behavior. This debate has been raging for centuries and will continue for many more years.
Some opinions believe that the environment a person is in plays a part in the decision making, and to some degree that may be true. An example of this idea may be an unemployed parent who is trying to feed the children and out of desperation turns to crime as a way of fulfilling a need. In a majority of cases, criminals are defined by the crimes that they commit. Some crimes are considered to be less ...view middle of the document...

This punishment can be paying back the person who lost property or it could be that a person loses certain liberties if caught. The most important liberty that is taken away from someone who is violating the law is their freedom, the freedom to live where they want to live and go where and when they want to go. Instead these people are provided with a place to stay and this place is provided to them at no cost. However the downside to these living conditions is that the time spent in this facility is usually not desirable.
At what point does a person make a decision to become a criminal? The answer to this question is being debated. Some are of the belief that the environment is the catalyst behind the criminal behavior development while others will associate the way the individual was raised. Both opinions however agree that it is in the first years of child development when the seeds of criminal behavior are sewn. The author, Kevin Beaver, who wrote a paper The effects of genetics, and low self-control on perceived maternal and paternal socialization that attempts to explain the importance of parental socialization to criminology by stating “An overwhelming number of theories identify parenting as a causal agent in the etiology of antisocial behaviors” (Beaver, 2010). This study goes on to explain “Various negative family interaction patterns are linked to different forms of deviant child behavior” (Beaver 2010); reinforcing the belief at how critical the parent child bond is to the developing mind. It is almost certain that parents don’t intend to raise a child up to become a criminal however the criminal behavior of one or both parents certainly impacts that socialization, especially when the one or both parents are incarcerated and limit the bonding necessary to the child’s development.
A sociologist C. Ray Jeffery writes in his book Criminological Theory his belief that there is other factors in which bears consideration. Jeffery believes that sociological, psychological and biological factors should be viewed as working together to produce the criminal behavior. “Three basic systems produce the total organism: genetics, brain structure and function, and learning.” It is Jeffery’s belief that everyone is born with certain genetic and psychological traits that predisposes them to certain deviant behavior and that this occurs independent of the socialization aspect. Jeffery continues to reveal that certain environmental factors such as poverty plays a large part in part because it exposes the child to a certain diet and certain pollutants. As a result the lack of nutrients and certain chemicals induced into the body create a neurochemical in the brain. So it is believed that poverty indirectly leads to deviant behavior and potentially criminal activity.
Another perspective on poverty and its potential link to deviant behavior is the effect on intelligence or the mental deficiency of a person. This is not to say that...

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