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Early Language And Literacy Essay

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Early language and literacy (reading and writing) development begins in the first 3 years of life.They start experiences with books and stories they have contact with such literacy materials as books, paper and crayons, with the adults in their lives which are the principal blocks for language, reading and writing ...view middle of the document...

Singing nursery rhymes listening to the stories and recognizing words which are towards language and literacy development.Children can learn from adults, the books are important ingredients in learning to read. Like reading or sharing stories at bedtime, we can as well talk or sing about the pictures, It's very important we let the children turn the pages and explain what the story is about and show the children the words as well as read them also we can make the stories come alive. Such as creating voices for the story and then we can ask questions about the story and let the children ask questions too. Also, we can use the story to talk about familiar activities and objects.It's very amazing observing children as young as 3 years old memorizing a story and telling the story to be creative throughout story telling.

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