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Early Life Experience And Potential Essay

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Assessment Task 1 – Promoting child & adolescent health outcomes in Australia.

Select one priority direction from the list:
Improving the social and emotion wellbeing of young Australians.

Written By Danielle Jones
Student ID: 210609
Unit Code: 530
Unit Name: Bachelor of Health
Unit Coordinator: Lindsay Smith
Due Date: 16th April 2014

Improving the social and emotional wellbeing of young Australians.
Children and young people’s wellbeing has become a somewhat ubiquitous, complex and politically imbued field (Ereaut & Whiting, 2008; Fattore, Mason & Watson, 2007; Noble, 2008; Rose & Rowland, 2010), with social and emotional wellbeing variously described in ...view middle of the document...

These two views have given rise to different research and knowledge interests that are in some ways divergent, and in others complementary. Nevertheless, both views broadly incorporate notions of a person’s good, benefit, advantage, interest, prudential value, welfare, happiness, flourishing, utility, quality of life and thriving (Camfield, Streuli & Woodhead, 2009). Despite this, however, philosophers, psychologists, economists and others who try to think systematically about wellbeing tend to use these terms to denote one simple notion rather than a multiplicity of related ones (Angner, 2007, p.3) which makes wellbeing less useful as an analytical concept. Camfield, Streuli and Woodhead (2009) cite the work of White (2008) in providing a useful framework for encompassing the diversity of wellbeing concepts. This framework distinguishes between notions of having a good life (material welfare and standards of living), living a good life (values and ideals), and locating one’s life (experience and subjectively).
Bradshaw, Hoelscher and Richardson (2007, p.135) put it this way; wellbeing can be defined as the realisation of children’s rights and the fulfilness of the opportunity for every child to be all she or he can be in the light of a child’s abilities, potential and skills. The degree to which this is achieved can be measured in terms of positive child outcomes, whereas negative outcomes and deprivation point to the neglect of children’s rights.
The surge in interest in notions of child wellbeing, what this encompasses, and how it is most effectively addressed, has generated some critically important debate about how wellbeing should be measured and monitored (Ben-Arieh, 2006). One of the most widely recognised assessment frameworks for child wellbeing is included in the ARACY report card which provides a ‘comprehensive assessment of the lives and wellbeing of children and young people’. Whilst the ARACY and similar report cards are widely recognised and highly regarded they have also been seen as fuelling social concern about childhood because they exemplify a deficit model approach to studying children’s lives (Marrow & Mayall, 2009). It is important, then to reinforce the need for larger scope of children’s rights, childhood as a phase in itself, the need for children to report on their own experience, as well the broader consequences of the changing field of wellbeing definition and measurement (Ben-Ariah, 2005).
Ben-Ariah has elsewhere (2005, p.577) suggested a number of important questions we should consider in our efforts to study the wellbeing needs of children and young people:
1. What are children doing?
2. What do children need?
3. What do children have?
4. What do children think and feel?
5. To whom or what are children connected and related?
6. What do children contribute?
Answering such questions Ben-Ariah (2005) suggests ‘will enable a more complete picture of children as human beings in...

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