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Earthquakes To Tsunamis Essay

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From Earthquakes to Tsunamis
Canada’s West Coast which is home to beautiful British Columbia, has experienced a fault line issue which created more earthquakes with magnitudes greater than any other of the provinces and territories. Out of the 4000 earthquakes that happen per year in Canada, scientists at the Geological Survey of Canada stated that there are “approximately 1000 earthquakes each year in western Canada” (Lyons, 2013). The most seismic earthquakes happen on the shore of Vancouver Island. Recently there have been many fault lines discovered in British Columbia that could lead to very dangerous natural disasters. Looking back at the history of the fault lines, specific ...view middle of the document...

As shown in Figure 1, the next day, central Oregon, Alberta, and Montana was said to have felt the aftershock as well. A similar disaster happened in 1918, the M7 Vancouver Island Earthquake, which also had a magnitude of 7. Instead, the M7 occurred near the west coast of Vancouver island which “awakened people all over Vancouver Figure 1: Map of the 1872 earthquake that affected Seattle and its surrounding neighbours

Figure 1: Map of the 1872 earthquake that affected Seattle and its surrounding neighbours

Island and in the greater Vancouver area…it was felt in northern Washington state and as far east as Kelowna, in the interior of British Columbia” (Lyon, 2013).

These were not the only earthquakes caused by faults. According to geological evidence, ‘13 great earthquakes have occurred in the last 6000 years’ (The M9 Cascadia, 2013)!

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