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Eat All Of Your Mc Afrika, Honey, Because I Have A Funny Feeling There Might Be Starving People Out There Somewhere

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Eat all of your McAfrika, Honey, because I have a funny feeling there might be starving people out there somewhere.This article is very well written with extremely good ideas for naming burgers based on the views of American government and its people. It brings to light how a world famous multinational names a product after a continent without any regard of the exact position of the continent. Also it appears that the multinational is not bothered about what is happening in other parts of the world and is not concerned about the image it portrays to its customer. The thesis of this article can be said to be the naming policy of multinationals such as McDonalds who do not have any regard for ...view middle of the document...

They will not hesitate to do anything to improve their business even if it means hurting the sentiments of a nation or continent. Therefore the reasons put forward by the author supports the thesis of the article very well.The argument put forward by the author are perfectly sound and each premise is well supported by the author's arguments. The examples given by the author are specific in nature when the author compares this naming incident to Disney putting on an Electricland parade in California at a time when there was blackouts. It has to be said that McDonald's action is better than that of Disneyland. As mentioned in "Eat all of your McAfrika, Honey, because I have a funny feeling there might be starving people out there somewhere" (Norris 2002) "At least McDonalds had the decency to do it in Norway, away from all that unappetizing African suffering. Disney did it right here in California" (p 218). However no authority has been used in the article. The argument is based on the fact that people will not like a food item to be named after country which is facing severe shortage of food. In fact it should be the reverse. It has to be named after a country where this particular food is found in excess. Therefore the assumption of the author is perfectly reasonable and justified. It can also be said that the concepts are well defined.It can be definitely said that the article refutes possible objections since the multinationals need to consider the sentiments and feelings of other people also. Also it is certain that people who have good knowledge of Africa would have never bought this burger in Norway simply...

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