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Ebay In China Case Essay

2864 words - 12 pages

Chapter 7
adaptive unconscious the unconscious mind trained to perform routine mental activities (137) diving
assimilation effect participants who completed the puzzle with expensive brand names rated the ambiguous automobile as expensive (141)
automatic information processing the mental processes that occur without awareness or intention, but nevertheless influence judgments, feelings, goals, and behaviors. Minimal thought, impulse purchase
contrast effect participants who were primed with inexpensive brands rated the moderately priced target (with a clearly visible brand name) as expensive, while participants who were primed with expensive brands rated the target as inexpensive (141)
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e., another objective reality (201)
variety seeking the desire to choose new alternatives over more familiar ones (185)

Chapter 10
additive–difference heuristic comparing two brands at a time, one attribute at a time, and subtract the evaluative differences (232)
anchoring–and–adjustment heuristic making predictions based on a first impression or an initial judgment (or anchor) and then shift (adjust or fine–tune) this judgment upward or downward depending on the implications of the imagined possibilities (230)
attitude–based choice overall evaluations and general impressions of brands in the consideration set based on a combination of everything (221)
attraction effect a target brand seems more attractive when it is compared to inferior brands and less attractive when compared to superior brands (218)
attribute–based choices comparing the specific attributes or features of each brand and selecting the one that performs best on key attributes (221)
availability heuristic making predictions based on how easily they can retrieve information from memory (228)
conjunctive heuristic setting a minimum value for all relevant attributes and select the first brand that meets this value for each attribute (232)
consideration set the group of brands that consumers think about buying when they need to make a purchase (216)
disjunctive heuristic setting an acceptable value, rather than a minimum value, for all relevant attributes and select the first brand that meets this value on one particular attribute& which is not necessarily the most important attribute (232)
elimination–by–aspects heuristic rejecting all brands that do not have a key feature they want (231)
frequency of good and bad features heuristic consumers form a simple attitude toward each brand alternative by counting the number of good and bad product features and choosing the brand with the greatest difference between good product features and bad product features (232)
heuristic processing mental shortcuts that help consumers simplify their decision–making tasks (223)
influence or choice heuristics the choice which affects consumers’ decisions directly (e.g., lexicographic, additive–difference, conjunctive, disjunctive, frequency of good–bad features) (224)
lexicographic heuristic comparing all brands on one key attribute, such as price, size, weight, reliability, durability, calories, sugar, etc., and choose the brand that performs the best on that single attribute, while generally ignoring the other attributes (231)
mixed choice the choice where consumers can see some brands but must remember others (220)
MODE model Motivation and Opportunity to deliberate are key DEterminants of the processes that influence consumer choice (222)
part–list cuing the names of just some brands when consumers are trying to recall as many brands as possible (217)
persuasion heuristics influencing consumers’ beliefs and attitudes (223)
prediction heuristics used to form...

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