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Ebusiness Essay

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Barriers to E-Business
There are several barriers involved in e-business, however the main success to e-business depend on the amount of online users available globally, and the base and originator of the buyers and sellers. The barrier of e-business it is divided into two categories technological and non-technological.


1) Personal Computer Penetration
Personal computer penetration is the main display t( necessary need) to starting up and e-business. When it comes to PC penetration and ecommerce we can see that there is a direct relationship between them Rabe 2001; Singh, Jayashankar, and Singh 2001), moreover owning a pc is very much directed to actual revenue or income ...view middle of the document...

Not to forget about Asia where we think it it technology friendly and cheap however due to their wages ,the amount of pc owned is much less and to almost only 20 out of a 1000 citizen (Polster and Trinh 2000).Nonetheless another issue would be the infrastructure of communication , this meaning being connected through telephone lines(WTM 2001a; Rabe 2001), in Asia most of the communication system is passed through the communication authority, this including local and international phone calls, which result to citizen backing of this communication system as it becomes extremely expensive, limited choice and of poor service. In comparison to the developed countries ;communication are usually of private sectors. This communication infrastructure could inhibit e-business from being performed as it reduces e-commerce activity.

3)Economic/Political/Business Issues

Most of the world pay cash rather than credit, and that could cause a problem and an enormous barrier to e-commerce due to the lack of facility or interest in performing credit transactions. There are many new innovative methods used to transact credit cards and many other solutions to this problem however if paying by credit card doesn’t become globally as a new payment method or become very common the transaction of credit card will and could delay many e-business from better performance but also e-commerce(WTM 2001c). In addition there is a very grand issue regarding the security of transaction and the privacy over the internet (fraud, identity theft etc.) , which not only concerns most consumer but demotivates and inhibits them form using this online payment technique. Therefore it is important for governments, companies and small business to assure their customers of full security toward their privacy and account number and this security will now allow any sort of identity theft, fraud, and miss use of personal information, that should be done by providing laws, teaching and warnings.

One might think that due to globalization and integration of the world there would not be culture barriers when it comes to e-business, however this is not the fact. Culture and sensitivity to culture plays a major role into the business and in e-business. It it extremely important to understand and take notice of each countries culture an whether the web suits that culture, and this is not only important for the business itself but also for having sustainable and increase in customer relationship (Rasmusson 2000a). websites should be culture sensitive, friendly, provide different languages and ignore pictures or obscenity that could affect ones cultural perception. E-business should pay attention to details such as the languages, the easiness of using the website as it will simplify the customers overall experience. (Singh, Jayashankar, and Singh 2001
5)Marketing Issues
Many marketing issue is confronted in e-business such as the market between business to business and...

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