Ece Activity Planning Sheet Essay

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Area planned:

* Math
* Language and literacy

Planning idea:

Materials: 10 small empty yogurt cups, 4 medium size cars, stickers, a pen and paper.
1. Collect 10 empty yogurt cups and wash them out. Make sure all yogurt cups aredried out.
2. Using rice, fill each one of the yogurt cups equally about 1/3 of the way up which will make yogurt cups heavier so they can stand on the floor more stably. Cover the top with tape.
3. Mark the pin spots and children's' spot with masking tape on the floor - create a 10-pin pyramid.
4. Place each pin onto each place then gather four children at each time.
5. Use cars to roll and hit the bowling pins. Repeat three times during one game.
6. Each time, give them stickers for each pin they hit on their papers.
7. After finishing the game, the children count their stickers and write the sum of all the numbers.

Intention - I noticed that most of ...view middle of the document...

The teacher put 61, 63 and 67: between those numbers, there were lines only. The children were asked what number comes after 61, and 5 children raised their hands. The teacher called child M, and M walked to the teacher and wrote 62 on the board. When the teacher asked what number comes after 63, child L said "27", and other children shouted "no, no." The teacher asked them to raise their hands if they wanted to answer. More children raised their hands, and the teacher called child E. Child E came to the board and wrote 64. She said "I know what comes next after 64." The teacher politely said "Someone else would answer that." 14 children raised their hands again. (Feb. 18)

Specific learning objectives for the children:

Learning Objectives:

1. Learning objective:
Within the cognitive domain, the children may increase their cognitive skills by counting, adding and comparing numbers over stickers. The children will represent numbers when they see their peers knock down bowling pins (ELECT, 2007, 4.15 p56)

Within the language domain, the children may increase their language developments by listening to new words such as bowling pins, weights, adding, and pyramid shape. They would not only obtain know vocabularies, but also extend the understanding of words when they actually observe and use those words. (ELECT, 2007, 3.3 p 48)

Within the social domain, the children may increase their social skill with their peers by following instructions together and taking turns with each other. When I encourage them to follow instructions, and gently let them respect their peer's turns, they would recognize what they should do during the games. (ELECT, 2007, 1.1, 1.2 p45)

Which higher order process(es) are you hoping to encourage and HOW?
I would more focus on problem-solving area when they play a bowling game. Each time, the children roll a car to hit a pyramid shaped bowling pins. If they realize, it is not easy to hit all the pins, they will think how they hit all the pins. They will try to hit as much as they could with their own ways. If it is not successful, they would think again what is wrong.

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