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Eco Tourism Essay

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A tourist guide provides assistance, information and cultural, historical and contemporary heritage interpretation to people on organised tours, and individual clients at educational establishments, religious and historical sites, museums and at venues of other significant interest.
What is a guided tour?
A guided tour – depending on the level of difficulty of the location - may somehow involve some kind of risks, be it real or perceived, but it also creates some excitement by stepping out of our comfort zone and besides it may require a significant physical or mental effort to deal with the different challenges put forward by the location.
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To be able to take part in ecotourism activities, we must try to minimise the maximum amount of negative impacts and to build environmental and cultural awareness and respect. Ecotourism signifies sustainability. Ecotourism represents the future – it ensures that what we experience today in regards to culture and nature is available to future generations. Three aspects to be taken into consideration for the successful promotion of ecotourism are research, education and conservation. Ecotourism is a niche market, still unknown to a great number of people. Our event, conducted on this particular theme, will help our surroundings to learn more about this specific type of tourism and create awareness.
As the future generation of the island, it is our duty to ensure that preservation and conservation are at their highest level. Consequently, our event will be in-line with ecotourism and the idea of preservation and conservation. In accordance with guiding and ecotourism, three places have been chosen as per our market research (refer to Appendix 1) as being the most popular nature parks in Mauritius, and most of all based on ecotourism. They are Domaine de Lagrave, La Vallée des Couleurs and Domaine des 7 Vallées.
1.1.1 Aims and objectives
For the event, we have set up the following aims and objectives which shall be achieved:
* Encourage environmental friendly approach when doing activities outdoor
* Increase awareness on preservation and conservation of nature
* Create awareness on the importance of eco-tourism activities
* To demonstrate the ability of working as a team and organising an event
* To become more...

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