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E Commerce Essay

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e-Commerce Research Paper Abstract: Electronic Commerce.For this paper, clearly differentiate business-to-business (B2B) electronic commerce from business-to-consumer (B2C) electronic commerce. Why is B2B electronic commerce so important and what are the implications of this new practice for managers? B2C electronic commerce also has significant social, political and commercial implications. What are some of these B2C electronic commerce implications and why should the successful manager be aware of and prepare for them? 1 ELECTRONIC COMMERCE Electronic commerce or "e-commerce" is commonly believed to be a new concept that was born of the dot-com explosion in the 1990's. Actually, e-commerce ...view middle of the document...

What was achieved was the ease with which buyers and sellers could meet in an electronic marketplace. This e-marketplace promoted fierce competition on price, and the pooling of buying or selling power, even among competitors.Although not universally perfected, the ability to streamline the e-commerce transactions was improved. For example, Sprint worked with online auction site eBreviate to improve the procurement process. With the old method, Sprint would mail bids to several suppliers, which created a paper trail mired with corporate bureaucracy. The paper process often took two months. But now, Sprint can find appropriate suppliers and gain online bids and manage approvals in a few hours.With the promised efficiencies of e-commerce and the Internet as the backbone for its implementation, e-commerce has grown significantly. Deloitte Consulting estimates that by the end of 2001, 91% of U.S. businesses will be conducting transactions on the Internet. This acceptance by business will allow total B2B sales to reach an estimated $7.29 trillion by 2004 according to the Gartner Group. This is compared to only $114 billion in 1999.Expected B2C growth is at a relatively modest pace with sales expected to reach $269B by 2005, up from $45B in 2000. Although B2C dot-com companies driving e-commerce continue to grab headlines, in 2000 e-commerce represented only 2.4% of all retail sales, which was up from 1.4% in 1999.Despite their shared accelerated growth rate and leverage of the Internet, B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions each have their own unique benefit propositions and problems. Each will be further defined and detailed in the following sections, beginning with B2B.2 BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS Business-to-business or "B2B" is the connecting of two business entities for the purpose of creating commerce efficiencies. B2B-enabler business products are often described as an "exchange". This is similar in concept to the New York Stock Exchange where numerous buyers and sellers can either meet directly, or through a trading representative. Like online exchanges, those on the NYSE trading floor also have their own "protocol" for communication to make transactions fast and efficient.With computerized B2B transactions, the protocol may be TCP/IP over a virtual private network, or perhaps it is an XML exchange. The goal is to have one business computer system communicating directly with another company's system. Not all B2B exchanges are exactly alike. "Some link buyers with sellers, while others operate with a middleman at the center of the process. Still others offer auction capabilities." Initially, the B2B marketplace was feared and rejected by some suppliers. Many feared when they could be compared digitally with their competition, their competitive advantage was reduced only to price. In many cases, this was true. Equally disturbing was the fear that if a company did not join or create an e-marketplace, they wouldn't even be considered as a market player....

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