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Economic Communication Essay

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Effective Communication Paper
Good Communication is very important for a healthcare organization to have. Without good communication skills you might as well forget having a business. A good communication skill leads to success in any healthcare organization. It takes a life long process to learn how to communicate effectively. (Abbott, 2009) The organization has to have great communication skills if they want to make in today’s society. It is also important for the staff to be able to communicate well with the patients. Communication is the only way they get the medical advice and treatment they need. Lots of medical errors can occur and then if this happens we are dealing with the ...view middle of the document...

Then one or two people have to step in and do all the work. Sometimes it is because of how we do the schedule and also some people just don’t agree at all. If you want to do things by yourself that is great, but sometimes a little help is okay.
Working on projects with a team makes one another respect each other and support one another. In the healthcare environment you have to work as a team to get the job done with the patient. You are always using charts as a team and this helps you with each patient. Each shift a different nurse has the patient so they have to keep each other updated on the patient. If you have a good team working with you this will not cause so much stress on you. Having monthly meetings is a sign of good teamwork because it lets you get everything out that has been bothering you.
Ineffective communication techniques can cause problems at the workplace. If you don’t communicate good with your patients on the phone or face to face this will hurt your organization. Also how the healthcare manager talks their employees says a lot about the manager. Some people just say whatever they want and don’t care who is listening.
Technology is advancing and improving more and more everyday. So many healthcare facilities have started using electronic...

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