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Economic Growth And Developement Essay

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Economic Growth and Development
Joshua Lacey
Dr. Dixie Button
March 24, 2011

The topic that I wish to cover in this paper is the legalization, taxation, and distribution of Marijuana and how it will help the Economic Growth and Development of our country. I feel this is a huge topic in today’s society and that it should be backed more so than it is. It comes down to the fact that we need money we spend more than we make and that alone is a problem. I am not saying that the legalization of cannabis will fix all of this country’s financial problems but it will help. So as for how this applies to the course I feel that it is a perfect example of economic growth and Development. If ...view middle of the document...

Not to mention just for the arresting and processing of these marijuana offenders it is costing the US around 8 billion dollars annually just on the criminal justice costs. That is money that this country could sure as hell use rather than spending on arresting and processing those current offenders.
According to the FBI there were an estimated almost 800,000 arrests of people for a marijuana charges in 2005. That is two times more people than were arrested total only 12 years ago. Out of the 800,000 about 88 percent received a position charge and the other 12 percent were locked up for the sale and the manufacturing of the plant. The fact is why keep spending money we don’t have on something that could if legalized could make us money not to mention all the savings this country would stand to have as shown in the figures above.

How much money could we end up getting?
John Ingold, “Medical Marijuana Sales Tax Nets $2.2 Million for Colorado This Year”, The Denver Post, November 24 2010
Like I have stated before the money we will get if we just legalize the stuff would be substantial. But let’s get into now how much money this country of ours can stand to make if we start taxing and selling the pot. In Colorado alone Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are putting away in the hundreds of thousands of dollars into state and city treasuries. This year the state of Colorado has managed to collect 2.2 million from the taxation of marijuana sales. That fact right there is crazy to me ok if one state can make in excess of 2 million and it’s not even one hundred percent legal there, you still have to be diagnosed my a doctor before you can buy the stuff. If it were completely legal then the numbers would sky rocket into the high millions if not billions of dollars from each state alone. In Denver alone the medical marijuana sales tax each month is right around 250,000 dollars. This to me is a clear sign that there is a place for cannabis in our economy. It shows that it will provide a clear and consistent revenue stream that if this country doesn’t tap into then we are crazy. Its times like this that we as a country need to make a move, stop talking about the money we could save or the money that could be earned and get out there and do it. Legalize this stuff so we can stop talking about it and we can start making and saving money.
Health Benefits that can come from Marijuana
Igorderysh, “10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana”, COED Magazine, September 2, 2010
There are a number of health benefits that can come from this drug they reach as far as cancer and as close to home an everyday migraine. For example the American Association for Cancer Research has found that the use of marijuana actually will slow the growth of tumors in the lungs, breast, and brain. Wait a minute this stuff can slow down the process of Cancer and make and save this country all kinds of money. Come on people seems like common sense to me. ...

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