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Economic Justice: Work On A Global Perspective

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In “What Do We Deserve?”, Arora takes a look at political philosophies and asks an important question, “How much of my good life do I really deserve?.” He brings up that argument that the contest of life is “rigged from the start” (Arora). How do one fix the contest so it's fair for everyone? Society can start by leveling the playing field to give everyone an equal chance, eliminating the idea of winner vs. loser, and encouraging and rewarding hard work and natural talents. Once the system is repaired, then we will see that those who make the effort and take advantage of their own gifts will succeed and be truly deserving of their earnings.
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With high numbers of students in a single school district, there is often less of a specialized focus and many schools suffer because of it. A report in 2009 by the George W. Bush Presidential Center showed that the second largest school district in America, Los Angeles Unified, the math percentile is at a mere 23% in comparison to other countries and 30% in comparison to the rest of the country (Global Report Card). Dividing school districts into smaller ones, as well as increasing school quality district-wide, would help give test scores a much needed push.
Along with improving schools and test scores, assistance to families in lower socioeconomic classes is also important. Furthering programs already in place, such as the Head Start program and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, will also help even the playing field for everyone. Improve the poorer areas of town with parks and easy access to libraries and places to both study and play. Encourage children who have a certain knack at something to hone these abilities to their advantage for the future.
Another issue of Meritocracy is the idea that the “winner” deserves his victory, and the “loser” deserves his failure. But what if we took winning and losing out of the equation? Instead of having a culture of businessmen fighting to be the best, you have a society where creativity blossoms. People are more likely to follow creative pursuits or risky business ventures when failure is not a problem. One example of a successful society is that of Iceland, considered one of the happiest countries in the world. In “The Geography of Bliss,” Eric Weiner visits the small, island nation to figure out the source of their happiness. One Icelandic native, Larus, said “We like people who fail if they fail with the best intentions. Maybe they failed because they weren’t ruthless enough, for instance.” Here in America, “we love a good failure story as long as it ends with success.” In Iceland, “it’s the trying that counts. Besides, if they fail, they can always start over, thanks to the European social-welfare net. This is a nation of born-agains, though not in the religious sense” (Weiner). The Icelandic way is a way to try what you really want to do, without the pressures to succeed and stay in that field found in the United States.
Though already commonplace in meritocracy, it is also important to encourage hard work and developing skills. Workers who put more effort into their job should be rewarded more than those with average or below average work rate. For example, a worker at a...

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