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Economic, Social, And Political Chnage Worksheet

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Economic, Social, and Political Change Worksheet

Agricultural Revolution

Respond to each of the following questions in two to three sentences:

1. What are the three most important factors contributing to the agricultural revolution in Europe? They increase the use and understanding of the traditional farming ways and techniques and put them towards more of a commercial use. They increase more land into production use and gathered more workers verses using more machines.

2. How did the agricultural revolution change European society? Provide an example. The techniques of farming approved on a larger scale. People were able to afford food at ...view middle of the document...

Therefore factories did what they wanted to do until laws were enforced and Unions were created.

Hackett, L.(1992) Industrial Revolution. Retrieved from

Western Social Change between 1815 and 1914

Write two to three sentences per concept about how each of the following changed in Western society between 1815 and 1914:

1. Romanticism- it changed society through poetry, drama and art. It expressed emotions, fears, happiness and hope through art and poetry. Even simple flowers growing outside in certain areas were signs of romanticism.

4. The role of women- The role of women were seen less then equal to men. Around the 1830’s a term called feminist was created originally from France. It began to spread like wild fire all over. They believed in equal rights for women no matter what it was for, different groups had different agenda’s but they were mainly centered in equality.

5. Science during this time Darwins theories of natural selection and evolution come into play. He researches how beings adapt to certain situations or die. He also discusses where man evolves from scientifically.

6. Anti-Semitism- Captain Alfred Dreyfus was Jewish and accused of selling secrets to Germany. His trial created a hate for Jews and it defined a nation from the people who supported him and the others that did not. He was eventually found not guilty but this trial changed the political nature of the French.

Western Political Change between 1815 and 1870

Write two to three sentences per concept about how each of the following changed in Western society between 1815 and 1914:

1. Liberalism- liberalism is the...

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