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Recently prices of chicken’s egg have rose in a higher rate rather than other grocery items in the kitchen market. Although prices of every commodity items in our country is increasing day by day, but the prices of chicken is increasing dramatically. Because of this change in price, general people are not able to fulfill their demand of egg with their income level. So people are facing a big problem. And now it has become a common phenomenon in our grocery market.
In our country, egg is a source of protein of the general people. And now which is out of their reach. So people are very disappointed about ...view middle of the document...

The number of farms was around 150,000 in 2007 across the country.
Over the past year since 2007, half of nearly 150,000 poultry farms have been facing losses due to bird flu attacks, forcing tens of thousands of people out of jobs, according to MM Khan, secretary general of Bangladesh Poultry Industries Association (BPIA).

To overcome the crisis, industry operators want the government to conduct regular vaccination but the government is yet to respond. The virus had been spread through – out the country affecting all types of farms, including the government – owned farms and private sector hatcheries. The attacks of bird flu have further worsened the situation this year. Egg production tumbled to 1.5 crore pieces against the requirement of 3 crore pieces.

Now it is a very unfortunate situation. People will have to bear the brunt of increased prices of poultry as well as the dread of the disease.

In this situation we all are clear that because of the bird flu attack the chicken firms are in bad threat. Lots of firms have closed and others are also going to close because of the situation. In recent years, among the overall chicken firms of the country almost 47 percent firms have been closed. And 26 percent firms have been closed only because of Bird flu. 21 percent is because of other reasons like load-shading etc.

Here showing a figure of the view of our Chicken firms:


26% 21% 53%

Figure No.1 Chicken firms situation

And after being closed this portion of firms the production of eggs has been decreasing in numbers.

Due to bird flu, increase in wage rate, production cost, load-shedding etc supply become very low in few years. But as demand remain unchanged at the very begging of the situation, price of egg become very high. And then demand has also decreased. Over the past years since 2007, nearly half of poultry farms have been shutdown. As a result supply of egg has decrease


Figure No.2 Changes in Egg production (yearly)


Here showing scenario from the following graph of changed supply curve.

P S3 in12 S2 in 11 S1 in 07





0 3 6 9 12 Q

Figure No.3 Changes in Supply curve

As a result supply curve of egg has shift inward in few years. Before the year 2007 supplier used to supply a large quantity of Egg at the same price; they are being supplying now. In our graph situation of egg supply of the year ago 2007 is shown by supply curve S1. S2 is the supply curve of egg of a year ago and S3 is recent year supply curve.

Effects of bird flu have increased the price of eggs. First of all before 2007, the price of per hale (4 pieces) egg was 12 taka. In 2011, in the difference of three years the price of per hale egg has increased and become 22-24 taka per hale. And in the begging of the recent year 2012, per hale egg become...

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