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For most readers, the name of Edgar Allan Poe has become a byword for horror and fear. Moreover, the images and motifs created by the novelist had an immense influence on the following generations and works of other authors, so that they even became immersed into the popular culture. Poe’s memorable images and quotes became an integral part of the world’s cultural heritage, giving inspiration to the horror movie script writers and novelists. As a result, many fans of the horror genre don’t even rate Poe’s contribution at its true value, taking his efforts for granted. For nearly two centuries so far, Poe has been providing realistic images of morbidity, fear and the horror of life to ...view middle of the document...

Allen refused to help him. There are many guesses as to what made him leave his adopted son without any financial support, but it’s an important biographical fact that after receiving a substantial education at school, Edgar had no opportunities to go to college, and it was only his own choice that he decided to receive a higher education; and the knowledge he got was a valuable contribution to his talents which helped him create all the wonderful works of literature which became well-known all over the world.

Poe’s realistic use of science fiction allowed him to deceive his readers and keep the public under pressure with his vivid images and horrifying scenes. The innovative approach to fiction writing made Poe stand out from the crowd of his contemporaries, so that the stories created by Poe are similar to those created by modern writers. Another aspect which makes Poe’s works unusually modern is his ability to describe narcotic visions and mental diseases. Thus, Poe believed that opium can intensify imagination and improve the perception of reality. Even though it was nothing new, and this tradition was preceded by more than a century of drug-inspired visionary tales, such as Aldous Huxley’s works, for instance, Poe went even further than his predecessors in describing the inner world of his characters and making most readers sympathized with them or at least understand their worries and motives. In his story ‘The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether’, Poe emphasizes the thin line between the lunatics and sane individuals (Quinn, 2008, p. 46). In this story, the director of a mad house goes insane and tries to inspire his former patients to rebel against nurses and the personnel of the institution. This story line not only illustrates Poe’s views as to how easily the borderline of sanity can be...

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