(Edited) Personal Reflection: Partial Look On Friendships And Relationships

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Friendship I believe in one aspect consists of common ground along with subtle differences. After all, even if we conflicted with another based on the differences, we may view our friendship dull if the other person is extremely similar to us and provides little distinction. Also, there differences may eventually turn into some forms of truths for us, based on their experiences perhaps we come to new realizations and thus turns into even more common ground. If not, we may still respect our friends for their thoughtful differences even though we may disagree. Friendships may also be based on some unique feature of the other person, in whom we may look up to. Although I believe this can be a ...view middle of the document...

Friendship may also be confused as a gateway to lust, our emotions may tell us that we would like to get to know a person for a relationship because there would be some sort of social connection between ourselves or them, when in reality our minds may tell us, say if we ponder on it for longer then what are emotions instantly tell us at times, that we are only attempting to socialize with the person because of their physical features, and hence sexual relations and then after comes the other reward of this social connection, after we have determined they are worth talking to because of their physical features, instead of doing so vice versa. Of course sometimes we may get lonely and physical attraction is only part of the course but the order has changed; we determine if we like their characteristics first rather than determine if we like their physical attributes first and then determine whether we like their characteristics. That is not to say that physical attraction will solve all since a bland character in one eyes although attractive is not worth investing time in; rather I am referring to the order in which it may occur. I find it interesting of this order and pondered on why physical attraction does wonders for establishing new and wonderful connections, when I have personally tried to do so vice versa, but sadly does not seem to work for me at least or rather my chances have not been successful. In fact, a former classmate of mine I once asked about this girl he liked in which I stated something similar to this: If this girl was physically unattractive in your eyes, would you have tried to even communicate with her by sitting closer to her in class?” His answer was no, but he was glad he met her because they communicated with each other well. Of course this is just one example, but there could be many other examples as well, perhaps it just something to ponder on. I believe this order of physical attraction first is the result of to some extent, selective perception in which we choose what we want to do perhaps based on our emotions which are hard to control at times and ignore other reasons. Eventually if we keep using the order of physical attraction first and then social features, then our chances will increase of meeting someone where these features meet in this order. This too can apply to friendships as well, not just relationships. Also that is not to say that two people who greatly connect on a social level despite finding one or the other unattractive is not possible, rather physical attraction may be the gateway to...

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